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  1. Hey Jake,

    Would it make sense to not instantiate the objects for the directory object and ($VIMPeople) view object?

    Then, wrap "get" properties around the directory and ($VIMPeople) view objects. You could check to see if the object is first instantiated (is nothing) and if it is you could instantiate it just once.

    Something like:

    Property Get PeopleView as Notesview

    if Me.vimpeople is nothing then

    set Me.vimpeople = NAB.getview("($VIMPeople)")

    end if

    set PeopleView = Me.vimpeople

    End Property

    Property NAB as NotesDatabase

    if Me.directory is nothing then

    Set Me.directory = New NotesDatabase(Me.database.Server, "names.nsf")

    end if

    set NAB = Me.Directory

    end Property

    I think it's some sort of design pattern but I can't remember which. This way you don't waste time and resources for the agents that don't use those objects.

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