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  1. Seems like I am kinda late in discovering this wonderful tip provided by Jake.

    Was hoping to find someone asking this, but nobody seems to have the problem I am facing...thought I must be missing something.

    It's regarding the recipients email addresses:

    "Note that these names need to conform to the SMTP RFC standards. Hence we need to know the user's short name (no spaces) and the domain"

    My question is how am I gonna know this information if my recipients are 1. not users within my domain (address book) 2. for some reason, the shortname of my users in the address book is actually the full email address. I tried sending to eg. wongirwin@disciples.com@TEAMS, doesn't work, but somehow it works when i use irwin@TEAMS, even though "irwin" is actually the value in the last name field.

    Any advise would be much appreciated.


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