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    • Alexander
    • Posted on Thu 18 Apr 2002

    >His interest being that he could say "Look what our Jake's done!".

    Oh yeah, and then he'd complain about the colour of the cover ("It's really nicely heavy, but the wrong colour for a doorstopper..."). We've been there before, haven't we?

    Anyway, here's a Notes development website in German: www.jnotes.de - originally focused on java-ing Domino, now more general.

    They give out a web award, hold their own training workshops, got some nice applets (e.g. a mindmap) there, a forum, too, and are from the company that wrote the Web Dev 1 + 2 training manuals for Lotus Germany and hold those courses, too, plus they are Jake-aware: "Eine Seite mit ählicher Ausrichtung wie dieses Forum - technisch hervorragend gemacht und viele gute Artikel - eine idiale [sic] Ergänzung"

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