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    • Marek Nowicki
    • Posted on Wed 23 Oct 2002

    It looks like Netscape needs mime type for both source and stylesheet to be set to a XML mimetype (text/xml). In my application (which works on IE) I had <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="Admin/xsls/Proposal2"?> (where Admin/xsls is a view and Proposal2 a key to retrieve the correct xsl). To satisfy Netscape I've created a simple agent called SetXMLMimeType which had: Print "Content-Type:text/xml; iso-8859-1" before printing xsl from the Proposal2 document - so my reference to the stylesheet is now: <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xml" href="SetXMLMimeType?OpenAgent&DocKey=Proposal2"?>. There was a small problem with '&' as my main stylesheet (Proposal2) had an xsl:include which had to be changed to: <xsl:include href="SetXMLMimeType?OpenAgent&amp;DocKey=Products2" /> . IE does not like type="text/xml" in '<?xml-stylesheet ...' so for now I will have 2 ways of assigning stylesheets (one for IE one for Netscape) - 'xsl:include' solution works for both browsers!

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