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    • ralph
    • Posted on Sun 23 Jun 2002

    Just thought I'd shed some light on the authentication topic raised...

    Domino supports two methods for authentication: - Standard basic web authentication (username and password) which does not involve cookies at all; - Session-based authentication (which does use a cookie)

    Session-based authentication comes in two flavours: - Single server, where you can have a session inactivity timeout - Multiple server, where the multiple Domino and WebSphere servers can participate. The caveats here are that the servers must all be in the same internet domain (e.g. server1.codestore.net, server2.codestore.net, etc), and that the cookie is issued with an expiry time set in advance i.e. it is not inactivity based. The period is usually set away from the default to a working day. Note that the cookie is a session cookie and discarded when the browser is closed.

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