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  1. Second Dragon on the "never enough screens point". My machine is a Mac Pro with two 23' screens. I am now lusting about the idea of bringing another screen to the two existing ones. My mac has 13gig of memory, so I run all my servers in separate virtual machines (generally, just the one server). I use Spaces and Warp to switch between "pc-world" and "mac-world". No KVM.

    One goodie which my ergonomics manager (me) got me to buy was one of those electrically driven height-adjustable tables. This has proven to be good to change posture and get a new take on things. Wanted an Aero (is that one I see next to your desk?) but the table sucked all the cash for that year, so I'm stuck on an IKEA Bimbo or whatever the name is of their cheapest chairs. Is the Aero any good, by the way?

    And, on a final note on office productivity, I would find it distracting to have pictures of blonde topmodels on my office wall :)

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