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  1. Jake, thanks very much for making the JS Validator available, it has saved me (a JS novice) so much work.

    I have come across one problem in my implementation of it, and wonder if I am taking the wrong approach.

    I have split a form into pages using DIV tags to hide the relevant pages. When the user clicks on a 'Next' or 'Previous' icon a little JS function is called to display the relevant section.

    Only problem is, I had to make a slight amendment to your OnFailure routine to make this work. When it got to the obj.focus part an error was occuring as the object could not be given focus if it was in a hidden section. So, I added some code to tell the routine which section to display depending on which field had failed.

    Worked fine. Ah..one problem. Now the code is not so standard anymore! So now when I want to validate a different form that has some of the same field names but does not use DIV tags I get an error. The only way round this I can think of is to modify the functions again to pass the name of the form. But I didn't really want to modify the code yet again........is there another way.

    I guess you're going to be far too busy with the new contract to even think about this again...but if you do get a chance.

    Best of luck with the contract anyway!

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