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    • Tanny O'Haley
    • Posted on Fri 6 Sep 2013 08:55 AM

    Way back in the beginning of 2006 I created a date input module for the web that allowed you to type in text like "next tue" and it would convert to a date. At the time I was tasked with helping our Notes group make everything web. This was hard for some programmers because at the time Notes web pages didn't have much in the way of validation. A date field in the client had all the attributes of a date field while on the web it was a text field. I started with Simon Willison's "A better way of entering dates", fixed a few bugs and added more date output formats. You can find the instructions here.


    And the code here.


    The drop down calendar and date text modules are separate. You are welcome to use the text code to enhance your date code.

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