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  1. Nice to hear this topic discussed. I am sure there are lots of us out here doing this all different ways. I'd be interested to hear what tricks others are up to too.

    I've used this technique with a view of "settings" documents to let the owners of DBs create HTML email in richtext ("store content as html+mime") -- they create the layout template and can insert variables -- then get that mime entity and parse the text nodes for variables to replace when creating the email...

    My biggest problem with using the store as mime this way is every time the settings doc is saved Notes inserts an extra <br> tag at some random, inconsistent place in the beginning HTML of the mime entity... so the user occasionally needs to remove the extra line breaks...

    I agree with the caution about inline images but FWIW you can embed them using this method.... just put them in the RT field and use a recursive method to copy the child entities (preserving their headers)...


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