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  1. Just a little warning for those of you who are considering using the Java XSLTranslator.

    Following an article in Lotus Advisor, I've done some testing with translating Domino views to HTML using XSL Stylesheets combined with the "?ReadViewEntries" option.

    Everything works great, up to a point. The larger the views get, the slower the translation. Performance degration seems exponential, not linear.

    In R5, when the view has reached a certain size (about 7000 docs in my testing), certain "hickups" occur in the translator, resulting in erroneous HTML output.

    In the beta2 of Rnext, the XSLTranslator was improved, now problems didn't occur before my database contained 15000 docs. In beta3 of Rnext, the limit was even higher. I haven't tried tried the beta4 or the pre-release of r6 yet.

    So, if you are planning to use the XSLTranslator, do it on views that are small.

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