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  1. Hi Jake,

    Long Time,

    I still read you, enjoyed the recent LS posts. Had a similar Script Library hell situation recently, but was stuck with designer 7 (and i.e. 6) for reasons I won't bore you with.

    Since my tantrum with Domino, where I unwisely posted never again Domino, I'm now a hardcore Xpages fan and use nothing else. Love it , as long as you avoid the usual horrible Lotus stuff (the ghastly one-ui comes to mind). - My customers also like the Xpages stuff a lot more than the old form based stuff...This is a good test, as I converted all my apps to Xpages.

    A lot of your good old tricks are still applicable when hacked about with to Xpages development.

    You should write your article. It will still be valid for Xpages heads...We just call WQS's slightly differently, but your stuff is always good value, and worth the read.

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