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    • Jimmy
    • Posted on Wed 18 Aug 2004


    In order to help you further, I managed to solve my problem concerning 2 areas on one form. Since only the last one got saved, I started digging in the javascripts and noticed that in case of multiple areas, the Save button on your simple form should be modified from:

    <button type="button" onclick="if (this.form.onsubmit()) this.form.submit();"><img src="//images/icons/disk.gif" /> Save Document</button>


    <button type="button" onclick="if (this.form.onsubmit()){ this.form.submit();}else{document.forms[0].submit()}"><img src="//images/icons/disk.gif" /> Save Document</button>

    There seems to be an "else" statement. Without it, the first editor's data is never saved. I'm very happy that this works now. I can send you my version of the nsf file if you like. Just let me know where to send it to.

    So change the Save button's script, add an extra body field, add the necessary script to the JS header and extend the (wqsSimple) agent.

    Hope you get your internet connection installed pretty soon :)


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