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Sensible Web Navigation

Both users and search engines can be baffled by Domino's navigation links. The only thing we can do to solve this is create the links ourselves. This document shows how to create links to get through pages in a view and through the documents contained within it....

8 Nov 2004 | Keywords: Navigation | Read »

Appending Rich Text Edits

Shows a way to allow users to append information to the end of a rich text field without being able to edit the field itself....

13 Nov 2005 | Keywords: Rich Text, Append, Edit | Read »

Testing for JavaScript Support in WQS Agents

A simple trick that lets you test for browser JavaScript support in your WQS LotusScript code....

18 Feb 2006 | Keywords: JavaScript, noscript, rich text | Read »

Drag-n-Drop Sorting of Documents

Shows how to enable drag-n-drop sorting of child documents on the web....

27 Feb 2006 | Keywords: drag, drop, Ajax, Web 2.0, sort, list | Read »

Domino Name Picker Revisited

A simple widget-like interface for choosing names from the address book, using Ajax....

26 Jun 2006 | Keywords: names, picker, address | Read »

Working With Character Sets and Domino

All web pages use Character Sets to display the text they contain. Domino uses different character sets depending on what kind of page you're looking at. This can cause problems when we're creating forms of our own. This article describes how to combat the issue and acts as a primer to the topic of charsets and Domino....

10 Mar 2005 | Keywords: character set, utf-8, us-ascii, encoding, charset | Read »

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