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Binding events to objects

In domino it is almost impossible to have complete control of the resulting HTML when designing your pages. It is only through the use of trickery that it is possible to achieve most goals. One such ...

30 Oct 2000 | Keywords: script, event, function | Read »

JavaScript @Now Equivalent

Have you ever needed to set a field's value to the current time? Probably. Just put @Now in the Default Value event of the field. But, this is the time that the server thinks it is! What if you want ...

6 Dec 2000 | Keywords: date, time | Read »

A Radio Button Quiz

This example is going be a little quiz using Radio-Buttons and JavaScript (not a quiz about radio-buttons as the title may suggest). It is not that I thought of this as a useful application, more tha...

9 Jan 2001 | Keywords: radio, array, math | Read »

Advanced Form Validation Made a Little Easier

By now there should be very few Domino Developers who haven't, at the very least, tried using JavaScript in their applications. The extent to which people use it tends to vary hugely. There are exper...

22 Jul 2001 | Keywords: RegExp, regular expression, replace, match, validate | Read »

Catching errors before they catch you

Wouldn't a developer's life be easy if there were never any errors in it. Or would it? Might get a bit boring after a while if there was never that buzz of finally finding the source of your woes aft...

16 Sep 2001 | Keywords: try, catch, exception, error | Read »

Overcoming DBLookup Size Limits

My first ever venture in to the altruistic side of the internet was a contribution to the, then new, Notes.net Sandbox. Response to this was greatly satisfying and in the three years that have passed...

24 Sep 2003 | Keywords: JavaScript, DBLookup, Array, Associative | Read »

Notes Thread Navigation With DHTML

Ever wanted a nicer way to show discussion threads on a form? Wanted to write your own DHTML navigation tree but not had the time? This is what you're looking for!...

19 Feb 2004 | Keywords: response, hierarchy, discussion, thread, tree | Read »

Making Domino Behave Relationally, Part 2

Having looked at a way to generate a list of related articles in a document we now look at how to maintain the list in edit mode. Includes an example database for download....

31 May 2004 | Keywords: popup, dialog, modal | Read »

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