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Upload Image Resources from The Web

Now I like to think that when it comes to Domino I am pretty clued up on what can and can't be done. For instance, if somebody were to ask me whether I could change their application so that the imag...

5 Dec 2001 | Keywords: image, resource, DXL | Read »

Sending HTML mail via SMTP part 1

My favourite articles are the ones I write knowing, at the back of my mind, that they will be really appreciated by those who take the time to read them. This I hope will be one of them. It could jus...

16 Mar 2002 | Keywords: SMTP, Mail, API, Socket, HTML | Read »

Getting yourself ready to create servlets

Servlets. Should we bother using them or not? That's the question I've been asking myself recently. After all, what can we do with servlets that we can't do with agents? That's a rhetorical question ...

28 Apr 2002 | Keywords: Java, servlet, netbeans | Read »

Forcing attachments to always download

Knowing how a certain browser on a certain operating-system will respond to a click on a link to a file of a certain type is something of a guessing-game. We know and expect that clicking a link to a...

19 May 2002 | Keywords: Servlet, download, attachment | Read »

Redirect a user and log movement using a servlet

Last week I trod old ground and spoke about how to get ready to create a servlet for the first time. The obvious carry-on from this is to write an actual servlet. That's what I'm going to do now. The...

5 May 2002 | Keywords: servlet, thread, request, response, redirect | Read »

Domino, XML-RPC and Java - A Primer

Yesterday, for reasons I won't go in to just yet, I started looking in to using a Domino agent as an XML-RPC server. What I found was that there was a complete lack of decent documentation. Sure ther...

5 Jun 2003 | Keywords: XML-RPC, server, client | Read »

Domino, XML-RPC and Java - An Example

Okay so in the last article we covered the ins and outs of XML-RPC and we're happy with the fact that Domino can process RPC requests using nothing but a simple Java agent. Now let's look at an examp...

9 Jun 2003 | Keywords: blog, rpc. xml | Read »

Sending HTML mail via SMTP part 2

Okay so in the first article on this topic we've showed that it's possible to send mail through the Domino server and have it appear to the user in HTML format. What we need to do now is see exactly ...

30 Mar 2002 | Keywords: SMTP, Mail, API, Socket, HTML | Read »

Sending HTML mail via SMTP part 3

In the last article I showed all the code required to send a mail in HTML format. All very well but it's not what we really want to actually start using in our applications. What we want is a more po...

14 Apr 2002 | Keywords: SMTP, Mail, Socket, HTML | Read »

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