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Putting Domino's XML to use

No developer in their right mind can deny XML its future. XML is already all over the place. Wherever it isn't already it, more than likely, soon will be. This has been the case for quite some time n...

9 Sep 2001 | Keywords: xml, xsl, tranform, readviewentries | Read »

Painting with SVG, a primer

Doubtless you've heard me going on and on about SVG in the past month or so. Why? Because I think it's an amazing addition to our skills toolbox. Until I learnt of SVG I would have said that creating...

23 Jun 2002 | Keywords: SVG, XML, Chart | Read »

Pie Are Square - Charting with SVG

In previous articles, Jake introduced you to Scalable Vector Graphics, or SVG. Unlike other graphics formats, an SVG file is simply XML (text with angle brackets, for those who haven't been paying at...

12 Sep 2002 | Keywords: SVG, Pie, chart | Read »

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