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Complete control when printing HTML from an agent

Agents that are run via the web can use the "Print" statement in order to dynamically write HTML back to the browser. For example, in a Web Query Save agent you could return a message to the user to ...

4 Oct 2000 | Keywords: Agent, Print, HTML | Read »

Debugging LotusScript Agents

Writing agents that run over the web is not the easiest of tasks if the agent is anything more than slightly complex. If you come across an error you'll be lucky if you are even aware of it. The "Age...

9 Oct 2000 | Keywords: Debug, Error, debugging | Read »

Conditional WebQuerySave agents

We all know that you can run agents when a web page gets submitted, by using the WebQuerySave event of a form. ...

10 Oct 2000 | Keywords: Condional, Agent | Read »

Passing arguments to a LotusScript agent

One of the topics that seems to keep popping up on the Notes.net Café is ...

21 Nov 2000 | Keywords: URL, Arguments, Parse, Query String | Read »

Creating HTTP Requests using Microsoft's XML Parser

Thought I would write a quick one about something useful I've been wanting to do for sometime now and finally figured out. It is yet another one of those things that can be quite helpful when applied...

19 Aug 2001 | Keywords: XML, parse, HTTP | Read »

Sending HTML emails, the final word

There are lots of topics that get endless discussion in the Notes forums. One of the perennials is the small matter of sending e-mails in HTML format. To which there are as many solutions as there ar...

13 Oct 2002 | Keywords: Mail, HTML, Socket | Read »

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