Mon 1 Apr 2002

Today's blog was going to be the announcement that I had had enough and was to close codestore. Then I realised I had no idea whether April Fools was a tradition anywhere other than Britain. Don't know how much truth is in this page. Does anybody outside the UK have a clue what I am going on about?

Update: I've learnt that the Americans and Canadians know what it's all about and that the Mexicans have something similar called "El Dia de los Inocentes" on December the 28th. Or is Victor trying to make me the Fool? Like Brandon (an American) who wrote to say that the he had no idea what I was talking about ;-)

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Sending HTML mail via SMTP part 2

Okay so in the first article on this topic we've showed that it's possible to send mail through the Domino server and have it appear to the user in HTML format. What we need to do now is see exactly ...

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Mon 25 Mar 2002

Mondays are bad enough without getting to work to find that you've left your cherished website open to Admin access by the whole world. The worst thing being that, with port 1352 closed, there was nothing I could do from the office but wait for the American hosts to wake up in 5 hours time.

Thanks to all of you who were considerate enough to let me know. To save writing the same mail over and over I will thank you all here. Many, many thanks to:

  • Glen Holmes
  • Clint Caraway
  • Dan Lowden
  • Zak Zarachiwala
  • Sandeep Kohli
  • Mark Elgar
  • Colm Finn
  • Steve Cannon
  • Jef Reynders
  • Lahbib Marouan
  • Jaap Steenis
  • Gaston Annebicque
  • Ulf Grindstad
  • Dave Meehan
  • John Marshall
  • Paul Veitch
  • John Seto
  • Warren Muckell
  • Val Cassidy
  • Jean-Wilfrid Moreau

As for those of you who couldn't resist having a play with Edit and Publish buttons. Tut tut, shame on you.

Later tonight I will replace the live site with a fresh replica. The worst damage now is to my pride. You've all seen a) what an idiot I am and b) how embarrassingly simple the mechanics of this site are. At least one good thing came of it: I've learnt to not replicate ACL settings from a local machine ;-)

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Error reporting in Internet Explorer

Treating Domino $$Return forms as HTML and the Show friendly HTTP Errors setting and the IE 512 bytes problem. See attached ZIP ...

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Fri 22 Mar 2002

The trouble with news reporting as I see it is that stories hardly ever get followed up. Are SearchDomino going to follow up their bad news from yesterday by letting us know about this change in events. I doubt it. This then leaves the reader misinformed.

I quite liked the line from the Domino Administrator who origainally made the claims:

But, if I can draw the analogy that just because everyone should wear a computerised bullet-proof vest doesn't mean that shooting people to find out who isn't wearing one is the best answer.

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