Thu 2 May 2002

Looking through the Adobe User-To-User SVG Forum I found a link to a line-graph of LIVE results grabbed from a server at specified intervals. Nice. (Give it a few seconds to get going).

I know what you're thinking. Will he ever shut up about this damned SVG stuff...okay..

Amongst yesterday's mail was one which included the line "Thank you for the god job !". Hmmm, did they mean that? Am I really that good ;o)

Another mail from Tracy Davison, reminded me there's a link from "Notes.net" to this JavaScript example I wrote years ago. Daren't look at the code I was coming up with back then. Interesting idea though - may have to revisit it. Something else for the list....

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Wed 1 May 2002

It's not often I get excited about something as much as I am about SVG at the moment. To quote the O'Reilly book I "bought" - SVG is an "infinite canvas". You could well argue that Flash was just as powerful. As I see it, Flash falls down in that it's a closed binary format that requires expensive programs for developers, whereas SVG is nothing more than XML that you could write in Notepad. Not only that but you can easily incorporate it within your Domino design/data as you would any other SGML markup. Hence my excitement. Time to put all those "incorporating Flash with Domino" horror-ideas to bed!

I have to say a big thank you to Mr Braly at Adobe for mailing me a link to their SVG Knowledge Base (he's a Domino developer!) and the list of supported features in the v3 plugin.

There's a myriad of stuff out there on the subject. Have fun, I know I will. Already got the boss excited enough to splash out on a copy of Adobe Web Collection ;o)

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Mon 29 Apr 2002

Surely you didn't expect me not to mention the Notes.net "re-design". What can I say apart from what have they actually done? Not much! The way they spoke about the Sandbox being unable to accept new submissions until its re-design was finished made me think there was something drastic afoot. I was even anticipating something special at one point. Turns out all they've done is add the IBM livery to each database. There is still an ugly reminder of how it used to look - the GIFs they left behind clash horribly with the new look. A step in the right direction though.

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Getting yourself ready to create servlets

Servlets. Should we bother using them or not? That's the question I've been asking myself recently. After all, what can we do with servlets that we can't do with agents? That's a rhetorical question ...

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