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Passing arguments to a LotusScript agent

One of the topics that seems to keep popping up on the Notes.net Café is ...

21 Nov 2000 | Keywords: URL, Arguments, Parse, Query String | Read »

Working with the Frameset design element

I HATE framesets. Sorry, but I do. Nearly as much as I hate Netscape - not quite though.... Don't worry I'm not about to get in to a rant about exactly why I hate them - there is some useful informat...

16 Jul 2001 | Keywords: framset, frame, encode, URL | Read »

Opening database relative URLs in JavaScript

It is a little known fact the domino database structure behaves in much the same way as a standard directory strucure. Using this fact we can navigate through a database without having to include the...

12 Apr 2001 | Keywords: url, path, open | Read »

Keep URLs simple by making them relative

Do you use Computed Fields and/or Computed Text all over your forms in order to place URL references to things likes anchor links, stored images, linked files (CSS, JS) etc that are stored within the...

18 Jan 2001 | Keywords: Relative, Link, URL | Read »

URL Syntax for advanced field level searching

OK, so we should all know by now that you can search a view by appending ?SearchView&Query=something to the end of its name in the url. What do you do though when you want to get a little more advanc...

17 Oct 2000 | Keywords: url, search | Read »

Effective use of the FileCloseWindow Command

When designing forms in domino we can easily use some of the same standard actions that we would use in the Notes Client i.e. EditDocument, FileSave, FileCloseWindow. Domino can then translate these ...

18 Oct 2000 | Keywords: View, Close, Submit, URL | Read »

Create a "Login" anchor link

If you have domino sites that do not explicitly require the user to login, but you want to create a link to let them do so at will, then this may be helpful..... It makes use of the fact that you can...

26 Sep 2000 | Keywords: Login, URL | Read »

Using Query_String parameters

Using the Query String portion of a URL is a useful method to pass information to a new document. For example when creating a new repsonse document: ..db.nsf/response?OpenForm&ParentUNID=766a4d... Ge...

25 Oct 2000 | Keywords: URL, Query String, Decoded | Read »

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