Decipher domino error messages

How many times have you read an error message from the Domino server that you thought meant one thing only to find the cause was something else altogether. It happens to me all the time!! For example, the screen shot below:


"Item not found exception". What do they mean?? If you have years of practice like myself then you will know that a likely cause of the above error is an <input> element on a form that doesn't have a corresponding Notes field of the same name.

What we need is somewhere to list all the common (and the not so common) errors and what their most likely cause is. Then all you need to do is take a look at the list and see if any of the likely causes listed could be the source of your problem.

I've created a database to record them all which you can access here:


Feel free to bookmark this shortcut so you have easy access to the list. I've kept the shortcut nice and simple so you should hopefully be able to remember it in the head-scratching moments of frustraion.

Obviously I welcome your help. Together we can make it THE place to come when Domino's riddles are getting too much for you. You can the either suggest a solution to a listed error or create a new error document if you think there's one missing.

Finding the Error:

If you are using Internet Explorer and you often get a page that looks like the one below and never see one like the one shown above you may be even more confused than ever.


If you would rather see errors as Domino intends you to then you will need to alter your browser settings. In the Internet Options dialogue box (Tools - Internet Options) go to the Advanced tab and remove the tick from "Show friendly HTTP errors", like below:



  1. HTTP Status Codes

    This is what all the numbers returned with errors signify:

    [<TABLE class="guide" border="1"> <TR> <TH class="guide1"> CODE </TH> <TH class="guide1"> INDICATION </TH> </TR> <TR> <TH class="guide2"> 2xx </TH> <TH class="guide2"> Success </TH> </TR> <TR> <TD class="guide" align="center"> 200 </TD> <TD> OK; the request was fulfilled. </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD class="guide" align="center"> 201 </TD> <TD> OK; following a POST command. </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD class="guide" align="center"> 202 </TD> <TD> OK; accepted for processing, but processing is not completed. </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD class="guide" align="center"> 203 </TD> <TD> OK; partial information--the returned information is only partial. </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD class="guide" align="center"> 204 </TD> <TD> OK; no response--request received but no information exists to send back. </TD> </TR> <TR> <TH class="guide2"> 3xx </TH> <TH class="guide2"> Redirection </TH> </TR> <TR> <TD class="guide" align="center"> 301 </TD> <TD> Moved--the data requested has a new location and the change is permanent. </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD class="guide" align="center"> 302 </TD> <TD> Found--the data requested has a different URL temporarily. </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD class="guide" align="center"> 303 </TD> <TD> Method--under discussion, a suggestion for the client to try another location. </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD class="guide" align="center"> 304 </TD> <TD> Not Modified--the document has not been modified as expected. </TD> </TR> <TR> <TH class="guide2"> 4xx </TH> <TH class="guide2"> Error seems to be in the client </TH> </TR> <TR> <TD class="guide" align="center"> 400 </TD> <TD> Bad request--syntax problem in the request or it could not be satisfied. </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD class="guide" align="center"> 401 </TD> <TD> Unauthorized--the client is not authorized to access data. </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD class="guide" align="center"> 402 </TD> <TD> Payment required--indicates a charging scheme is in effect. </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD class="guide" align="center"> 403 </TD> <TD> Forbidden--access not required even with authorization. </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD class="guide" align="center"> 404 </TD> <TD> Not found--server could not find the given resource. </TD> </TR> <TR> <TH class="guide2"> 5xx </TH> <TH class="guide2"> Error seems to be in the server </TH> </TR> <TR> <TD class="guide" align="center"> 500 </TD> <TD> Internal Error--the server could not fulfill the request because of an unexpected condition. </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD class="guide" align="center"> 501 </TD> <TD> Not implemented--the sever does not support the facility requested. </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD class="guide" align="center"> 502 </TD> <TD> Server overloaded--high load (or servicing) in progress. </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD class="guide" align="center"> 503 </TD> <TD> Gateway timeout--server waited for another service that did not complete in time. </TD> </TR> </TABLE>]

  2. Illegal Arguments Exception

    One possible cause of this error is a missing design element(such as a view) from a URL. For example the url (http://server/db/viewname/document?opendocument) would work fine. Change the viewname to a view that doesnt exist in the db and you can cause this error.

    Not sure why you don't just get some sort of "design element not found" message, but I was able to reproduce the error by doing the action above.

    1. Re: Illegal Arguments Exception


      i have a user ,he is getting illegal arguments exception error, in both primary and failover copy, while saving any change in his preference. user is using release 5.0.3 version .and i have tried with modifying default access also.

      i will look for the resolution.


    2. Re: Illegal Arguments Exception

      If I end the URL with openview, I get the login prompt since that view is password protected. Hoewever "/viewname/key?opendocument" gives me this rather instead of the login scrfeen. Any help is greatll appreciated.

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    • BD
    • Tue 10 Jul 2001

    one more!!!

    Error 404 Not found - file doesn't exist or is read protected [even tried multi]

    If you type the wrong extension name( insead of .nsf anything say .nsd or .nsx ) above error'll come.

    1. Another One !

      Here' s one more !

      Error 500 HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - Formula or value requires too much memory

      This error normally occurs when the return value of a @DbLookup or @DbColumn exceeds the memory limit.

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    • pk
    • Fri 12 Oct 2001

    HTTP Web Server: Illegal Arguments Exception

    If you have anonymous in the ACL and give it Read/Write Public Documents, you can get this error sometimes. Very strange.

    This comment is partially true. The error exists in R5.08. Technote #158716 "For versions prior to 5.0, the behavior occurs anytime the options for "Read public documents" and "Write public documents" is selected for Default or Anonymous users with "No Access" (whichever is used for web clients). This issue has been reported to Lotus Quality Engineering."

    1. Re: HTTP Web Server: Illegal Arguments Exception

      This error occurs in 5.05 too (with the same cause - Default access = no access, but read / write public documents is checked).

    2. Re: HTTP Web Server: Illegal Arguments Exception

      I'm using Lotus R6 and I have this error "HTTP Web Server: Illegal Arguments Exception". I try to deselect ACL as mention here but still can't solve the problem. Anyone can help me with this problem. TQ

    3. Re: HTTP Web Server: Illegal Arguments Exception

      I can tell you that this problem still exists in R7, using Active Directory Authentification and Read/Write public for "NO ACCESS" Users

  3. Concrete Specifics of Errors

    Why ever doesn't Lotus provide the specific thing it was looking for in its error messages? I.e. instead of "A view of that name cannot be found..." why can't we have "View 'FredBloggsLookupView' not found in database 'fred.nsf'

    It would save a lot of time.

    I know they provide the fieldname in a field error now (R5) but they haven't done it across the board.

  4. Insufficient memory

    Looks like a popular one today at notes.net, must be all those people back from LotusSphere...

    Error 500 HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - Insufficient memory.

    I would imagine (and hope) that this is nothing to do with development but more with an aging, straining server box.

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    • Ben
    • Mon 11 Feb 2002

    ..and another (sort of)...

    The link at the bottom of the main article, 'More ideas for agent error messages' leads to this error: "Notus Lotes Error 601, codestore operator failed to update link"


    1. Re: ..and another (sort of)...

      Golden rule of Notus Lotes development = "If in doubt, blame Notus"

      Seems they have had a post-IBM-takeover shuffle and that page no longer exists.

      I am off to edit the document right now... thanks for the note Ben.

      "Codestore Jake"

  5. One more to add

    Encountered this error message. We're running R5.0.9a Domino server. Everything possible has been done from examining design of mail file, examining template(nothing out of the ordinary or deleted), restoring from backup, testing cause to just get it to work, etc. Still nothing. Error occurs when opening a document. If there are no documents in database, same error message displays when opening database. Can you please assist, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - No frame of specified name exists.

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    • Jake Howlett
    • Thu 7 Mar 2002

    Yet another

    Error message:

    [<b>HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - Field is too large (32K) or View's column & selection formulas are too large </b>]

    This happened when I pasted a *load* of text in to a normal field in the browser which was Multivalue and had multiple rows and columns.


    1. Re: Yet another

      One document at IBM support suggests this error is a bug in versions prior to 5.0.6a. If, in fact, the fields are not larger than 32k.

    2. Re: Yet another

      Hi The field size thet LONO supports for a text box is 32 k. If text more than that is put into the same the error message will be displayed Regards Nishant

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    • Michael Rohrbach
    • Thu 28 Mar 2002

    product object not found

    This occurs if you run a webquerysave agent with UI objects declared.

      • avatar
      • Jamie
      • Mon 31 Jan 2005

      Re: product object not found

      This also occurs when using certain versions of Linux and notes when you try to create a new notes session using lotus script

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    • Rakesh
    • Mon 15 Apr 2002

    Too good

    Too good.

  6. Lotus Notes Exception - Invalid document identifie

    Add to the list of potential causes for this error "if your agent is not shared". This one almost killed me.

  7. Another 'Corrupt Data Exception' source

    You'll also get the 'Corrupt Data Exception' error if you try to render a form containing a subform (in my case computed subforms) into a rich text item by using the NotesDocument.RenderToRTItem method.

    Your document will open in a notes client, but not on the web.

    1. Re: Another 'Corrupt Data Exception' source

      I also get the 'HTTP Web Server: Corrupt Data Exception' error message when replacing a database design from a template. However, this error only occurs when I choose to hide formulas and LotusScript!

      Does anybody have any ideas on this one??

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    2. Data exception 019

      Can any one help me to solve this problem. i am unable to handal this " ` " charactor + java. Other escape char are handal but the escape function is not working for this char.


  8. New Error message

    Hi i've found a new one: HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - This function is inappropriate for directories.

    This happens when you do a url request for an element within a database without the database name.

    seems to me this topic will recieve a hits after Dan Velascos tip on domino power.


    1. new error

      Hello I'have a problem with a migration notes to web when i'want's to see a view i'have this message:" HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - The specified database lookup generated more than 65,000 bytes of results, which is too large for Notes to handle in this context."

      Thanks for your help and if you know another website for to help notes developers thanks for informations.

      Fabrice new developer notes

    • avatar
    • Rusty
    • Wed 4 Sep 2002

    Special Database Object cannot be located

    Another reason you may see "Special Database Object cannot be located" is if you are using webqueryopen or webquerysave agents, and the agent name is misspelled or the "When should this agent run?" or "Which document(s) should it act on?" choices are inappropriate. I usually use "Manually from actions menu" and "Run once (@Commands may be used)" respectively.

    1. Special Database Object cannot be located

      you only do this:

      IN the designer in Other->Database Resources-> Icon

      you need save the ICON, this fixup the problem with the database

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    • Johan Känngård
    • Mon 14 Oct 2002

    Another one...

    I got this strange message in 5.0.1. The HTTP server is up, but the servlet manager shows me an error on the web when trying to invoke a servlet: "Error 500, Service handler performed no action; contact the server administrator." I found out, that the problem was a path in the server document's "Java Servlets" section, where I had a path wrong to a JAR-file.

  9. Another error

    I didn't see this one anywhere in the list or the responses: Error 404 HTTP Web Server: Couldn't find design note - <Agent name appears here> I just got this message while trying to call an agent from javascript. I will add to this when I figure out what is going wrong. MM

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    • Jake
    • Thu 14 Nov 2002

    Another 500 error

    Just watched Mike (of Notestips.com fame) create this 500 error: [<code>]Formula or value requires too much memory [</code>] Most likely down to the number of @DBColumns he's trying to squeeze in to one computed field value. You just can't get the staff these days !


  10. HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - Entry not

    HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - Entry not found in index - NOT AN @dblookup!!!!

    Hi Jake and friends. This is a contribution to the effort to make this site/page a premier reference on the web. It is already, obviously. This error was generated when date fields were changed to the 'custom' setting, changing the default order of the dates and calculations then were done with @formulas on the click of the 'submit' button to validate date ranges and so forth on the values entered.

    Solution: either change the 'custom' setting back to the default 'user's settings' or if you're a stickler for formatting (comme moi) trap them into a preferred format by having them choose day month and year seperately, etc. etc.

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      • Mike
      • Fri 31 Jan 2003

      Re: HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - Entry not

      I'm getting the error "HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - File does no exist" on some documents in a database that is accessible through the web.

      After investigating the problem, I found that the documents that get this error contains document links to other documents, from other database. I can understand that the problem will occur IF we clik on the link, but's that not the case.

      Problem is that we can't publish all of our databases on the web.

      Is there a way to open a document, on the web, even if it contains doclinks to a database that is not published ?


      • avatar
      • SG
      • Mon 7 Aug 2006

      Entry already in Index

      What does it mean "Entry already in Index"? Users always experience receive this message when sending the mail out using Notes Client 6.5.3. Thanks.

  11. "Invalid POST Request Exception" any other cause?

    HTTP Web Server: Invalid POST Request Exception Most probably that you are trying to post a document that is larger than the "Maximum POST data" setting in the Domino Web Engine section of the server document.

    I see this a few times in my server log. Not sure what the client is doing, or maybe it is a server problem... It seems to appear exactly twice each time, for example:

    11/23/2002 12:14:37 PM HTTP Web Server: Invalid POST Request Exception [/dir/db.nsf/$defaultView/7c1792ad4e45403787256c7a00105577?EditDocument&Seq=1] 11/23/2002 12:14:37 PM HTTP Web Server: Invalid POST Request Exception [/dir/db.nsf/$defaultView/7c1792ad4e45403787256c7a00105577?EditDocument&Seq=1]

    11/23/2002 12:18:29 PM HTTP Web Server: Invalid POST Request Exception [/dir/db.nsf/$defaultView/7c1792ad4e45403787256c7a00105577?EditDocument&Seq=1] 11/23/2002 12:18:29 PM HTTP Web Server: Invalid POST Request Exception [/dir/db.nsf/$defaultView/7c1792ad4e45403787256c7a00105577?EditDocument&Seq=1]

    I checked the Server document; the Maximum POST size is "0" therefore that cannot be the problem!

    Any other suggestions?

    PS: Awesome idea this thread, Jake! When Notus is lacking, leave it to the "Community" to do it right!


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      • Jeff Gosden
      • Wed 27 Nov 2002

      Re: "Invalid POST Request Exception" any other cause?

      I have encountered the very same error, I found this [<A HREF=http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/46dom.nsf/DateAllThreadedweb/29f8ae463a9cbac185 256c450080bb1b?OpenDocument>thread</A>] on the LDD forum and it appears that this is an issue with Domino 5.0.11 (apparently this never occured in 5.0.10).

      What I did find interesting, is the server that is encountering this error, does not have the "Maximum Post Data" section on the server doc (it's blanked out), but I have another server at 5.0.11 which does have this section. Performing a design replace/refresh does nothing in any attempt to display this *missing* section.

      Any ideas why one server has this section and the other doesn't when both are at 5.0.11 ?

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    1. Re: Invalid POST Request Exception

      help! i have been getting this error 500 the last 2 days. it only happens when i am try to do something secure- used my web based email (i can create, but not send it), fill out forms and submit, etc. it does not matter whether there is an attachment or not. i have tweaked the security and cookies settings to no end, no to mention stopped using my firewall. nothing seems to have any DESIRED effect. someone please help me before i ruin my computer from tweaking.

      ryan hay rhay@lsu.edu

  12. Data types of matching results are incompatible

    Saw this one for the first time yesterday:

    [<code>HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - The data types of two matching results are incompatible</code>]

    What was the problem? Well, I'd changed the formula in a column in a view. The formula was wrong and caused an error which I didn't notice at the time. When I used the column in a DBColumn on the form I was working on I got the above error. Moral: Always check the column values are okay before you save and close a view in designer!

  13. 301 errors

    I'm trying to set up a 301 redirect on a Domino R5 server. Is this possible? If it is how do I do it?

    Many thanks


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    • Bernd
    • Wed 15 Jan 2003

    File does not exist

    When using DbColumn to fill a DialogList to access a view in a different database but on the same server, you need to specify the server parameter explicitly!

    If providing an empty string as server (which is working fine in other locations than DialogBoxes) you'll get Error "File does not exist"!

    Heaven knows why but using "server := @Name([CN]; @Subset(@DbName; 1));" helps!


  14. Invalid document identifier

    "Invalid document identifier" can also be caused if a REM "xxxx" is inserted before the @Command([ToolsRunMacro]; "<Your agent goes here>") function.

    1. Re: Invalid document identifier - 5.08 grrr

      I found I received the same error message if I attempted to dynamically call the WQS.

      I stored the WQS to run in dWebPageBasics (third parameter) The code that failed... t1:=@Word(dwebPageBasics;"~";3); @If(@IsError(t1);""); t1="";""); @Command([ToolsRunMacro]; t1) )

      It worked on the 6.5 dev server and the 5.012 web UAT server but failed on the 5.08 live server



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    • Jake Howlett
    • Wed 28 May 2003

    A couple more you might come across

    These two might be a little specific but they've happened to me so they could happen to any of us:

    Error 500 - HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - No 'SendTo' field in document. Use 'Forward' on the 'Actions' menu instead. Reason = I had a blank SendTo field on a document and an @MailSend formula in the WQS event. Needed to make sure the field was not blank.

    Error 500 - Server mapping error. The server is misconfigured. Reason = I had created my own HTML <form> element on a Domino form and had left the action attribute blank. Domino didn't know what to do with the form once it was submitted...

      • avatar
      • Alice
      • Wed 21 Dec 2005

      Error 500 - HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception

      Error 500 - HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - No 'SendTo' field in document. Use 'Forward' on the 'Actions' menu instead.

      My reason=I did not have "make available to public" checked off in the properties and anonymous did not have access to open the form.

  15. http web server: corrupt data Exception

    I have gotten one mistake from domino http server when i save my form,that is "http web server :corrupt data exception [url]" but in anthor database the same form works well,i wonder what will be the reason!My domino version is r6+cf1 and os is aix!

    Any help in why this is happening would be greatly apprecitated.


      • avatar
      • Jake Howlett
      • Tue 17 Jun 2003

      Re: http web server: corrupt data Exception

      This normally happens when you open a form in the browser and before it gets submitted somebody makes a change to the design of the actual form.


  16. Incorrect data type for operator or @Function: [Ke

    Found your web site when I was trying to make sense of "Incorrect data type for operator or @Function: [Keyword] expected"

    The problem was I'd forgotten the [ ]'s in @Command([FileCloseWindow]), coding it as @Command(FileCloseWindow).

    It was obvious to me because the @Command was buried in other code. When I put the @Command separately in it's own button it was very obvious. The error message would have been more helpful if it had said "invalid syntax". The reference to "data type" was a "red herring" in this case.

    Another thing that I should have thought about was the order of execution. Overlooking the order of execution was another hinderance in solving this error, the commands aren't necessarily executed in the order you code them. "Consider the order of execution" should probably be towards the top of your list.

    Thanks. - Larry

  17. Another>> Incorrect data type for op

    I got this error when @URLOpen in a 'Go!'-button refers to the value of a dropdown field/listbox on the web that was accidentially renamed. It obviously wasn't getting the value from the field because the field actually didn't exist! The "" or 'Nothing' value used consequently in the @URLOpen isn't of the data type "text".

    Hennie B

    1. Re:Incorrect data type for operator or @Function..

      Sorry, the full error follows ->> Lotus Notes Exception - Incorrect data type for operator or @Function: Text Expected

  18. Lotus Notes Exception - Note item not found


    I have an issue, I have made some changes to the mail template, and the functionality works fine, but now when I switch between folders or open a document, I see this message "Note item not found" on the status bar. I could not debug the error from where it is popping up. So I searched for the web, and found your list at the following address:


    Lotus Notes Exception - Note item not found If your form has a Computed Subform and this Subform contains a field with the same name as one on the main form you will see this error.

    But I have not created any subform to the memo forms, it is just a few buttons which I have added to it, but this error is bugging the users, because it gets displayed on the status bar whenever the user opens a document or switches between different views or folders. Can you pl. suggest what else could be the problem or how it could be resolved or atleast debugged.

    Regards, suneeth

    1. Re: Lotus Notes Exception - Note item not found

      Save Releted design elements with some change only to refresh the design and Check.This Issue will not appear This is happned to me once and i saved the related design elements.Now its working fine.

      Thanks Ramesh

  19. Http 500 Internal Server Error

    What's the cause of this error?

    HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - Invalid Type of Argument

    1. Re: Lotus Notes Exception - Note item not found


      try triggering the error with the debugger on.

      Tip 1: You will need to put a "Stop" in the various front end events -- like "QueryOpen" and "QueryClose", otherwise Notes will just sail through as if you haven't got the debugger on.

      Tip 2: See what is causing the error - a good idea is to emasculate the "On Error ..." statements (remark them out / delete them); this will cause Ntoes to report the error straight away to you when it happens.



    2. Re: Http 500 Internal Server Error

      the term http 500 internal server error appaer evry time i wanna log on to movies titimes.com

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  20. Domino Error messages are only the beginning

    Domino generates an error that wil often require more analysis.

    For example, I recently had an error generated by an agent complaining that "DialogBox cannot be used in this context".

    Upon further inspection I determined that this pointed to the inability to load a form. (I was using a form in a dialog box.)

    The form could not be loaded because a field on the form was using @DbLookup to a view with a restriction (i.e. I was able to correct the issue by amending the security properties of the view).

    (Incidentally this is another piece of supporting evidence for keeping code modular as part of good programming hygeine; if you have hundreds of fields on a form -- including embedded subforms -- and the form won't load (haven't we all encountered one of those ;o), finding the fault is made *exponentially* more difficult.)


      • avatar
      • SB
      • Tue 4 May 2004

      Domino Error message: DialogBox cannot be opened

      The message is also displayed when there is a language selected on the (sub)form but it is not for the current language in the Design.

      • avatar
      • Richard Collette
      • Fri 11 May 2007

      Thanks Jake

      Years later and this is still helping people. Saved me a bunch of time resolving a dialogbox issue due to a design note not replicating. What gets me is how this information is not maintained in the Lotus technote database.

  21. Before I forget

    Here's something that to me is a bug!

    The error is a 500 and reads:

    HTTP Web Server: Illegal Arguments Exception

    This can occurr when you access a view like so:


    The view called secure is limited access and is sorted by the key value. If you access this URL without logging in you get the error. Log in and try again and it's gone. Like I said - smells like a bug to me!


    N.B: Server 6.02cf1 on Linux

  22. Special Database object cannot be found

    This can happen if u have the @GetProfileField sort of formulas Just found it today when i was converting an old database for the web. Had me at my wits end trying to find what was missing when i had all the things in place. Hope this saves someone thim

    1. Re: Special Database object cannot be found

      I was reading through all the articles and I didn't see the error message I was looking for.

      When trying to access a document in domino.doc (document manager) I receive the following error when trying to access this link --->

      http://mcddoc.mcdean.int/85256E610078A1B4/(InternalAdmin)/Frameset?OpenDocument& docUNID=3819705CD1FDC10185256E78005C575A

      The above link is supposed to take me to a particular notes document. The user id doesn't have access to the view or document but I am trying to create a custom error message.

      After clicking on the above link I receive a web login message and after typing in my password I receive the message "You are not authorized to perform this operation"

      Is there a light at the end of the tunnel for me? Can you help? (smiling)


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  23. File Does Not Exist

    Another cause of this error may be running multiple HTTP stacks on the same machine, like with a local workstation where two versions of Notes are running. If one has bound to port 80, the other will not be able to.

    02/13/2004 12:26:42 PM HTTP Socket bind error, hostname/ip 02/13/2004 12:26:42 PM HTTP server: Could not bind port 80. [b]Port may be in use[/b] 02/13/2004 12:26:42 PM HTTP Web Server shutdown

    1. Re: File Does Not Exist

      I am getting this error when I am trying to update the index on archive database. "File does not exist"

    • avatar
    • DJ
    • Tue 6 Apr 2004

    Error Messages

    Thanks so much for this article! I was at my wits end and this pointed me directly to the problem! Appreciate it!!!

  24. Additional error messages

    Hi Jake,

    This article has helped me many times, but recently I ran into another strange error message that I never found in the article and thought it might be helpful to others:

    "HTTP Web Server Lotus Notes Exception: - Formula or Value requires too much memory".

    This normally occurs when a field exceeds its default storage limit. I only really came across this in the case of a Rich Text field (which was suprising). I often use the technique of displaying HTML in a computed rich text field from a Web Query Open agent that writes to the field (because as you know, you cannot write/Print HTML to a page from a Web Query Open agent, only write to a field). When trying to display dynamic content sometimes you can write alot of HTML and even a rich text field gets overloaded, and then you receive the error message above. Solution is simply to add n number of rich text fields, and in the agent populate each one after a certain counter (to be determined on a case by case basis) has been reached.

    Hope this helps,

    Thanks for all your great work.

    1. Re: Additional error messages

      Found one more cause of "Internal server error (500), If you try to feed char or alphanumeric data into number fields on web , you will end up with the same error.

  25. Entry not found in index

    I also experienced the following error message: "HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - Entry not found in index" when deleting Bookmarked docs in the inbox using web browser. We are running Lotus Notes version 4.6a International. For those using the Notes Client software there is not problem deleting documents in the inbox. I heard that this bug was corrected in version 4.6.3 but can't find the URL showing the workaround to fix this problem. Hope you can help me. Thanks.

    1. Re: Entry not found in index

      when iam recertify the user ID file this error cames Entry not found in index (in the same ou all users are working)

    • avatar
    • Jake Howlett
    • Tue 11 May 2004

    A new one for R6

    If ever you see "Array index out of bounds" it may be because you are using list subscriptors in Formula langauge and you're out of bounds - e.g you have a multi-value field called "summary" with 4 values in the list. Either of the following would cause the error:

    summary[0] summary[5]

    Note that @Formula subscript are NOT zero-based. So the first element in the list is:


  26. Illegal Arguments Exception

    Illegal Arguments Exception : error 500 (in a urlstring on lotus 6,5) !opendocument instead of ?opendocument

  27. Thanks!

    Thanks for taking the time to put that db together! I just used it to resolve an issue with a Domino db I support.

    • avatar
    • Martin
    • Thu 9 Dec 2004

    add error numbers?

    Hi, thanks for the great list of Domino Error Messages. Could you please add the error number to each? It would make it a lot easier to find the right one (especially if the error text is not available). Thanks

  28. Field in form does not have a name

    Here's one I've never seen before:

    HTTP Web Server: Application Exception - Field in form does not have a name

    Any clue?


    - Mike.

  29. Lotus notes setup problem

    The problem i have happens when setting up a Lotus Notes user on a new machine. While going through the routine of adding the name of the user and the domino server location and updating the journal.nsf, when all relevant information has been added the error comes up "Special Database Object Not Found" now this happens without ever having opened a form or window within notes, it happens towards the end of the setup process.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    • avatar
    • Tom
    • Mon 2 May 2005

    error message after a design replace.

    Hi everyone.

    i just replaced the design of mij notes to mail65DCXgb0602. but when i open my agenda and click on "tool- preferences"i get the following error message:

    field "dspviewsselected" index out of bounds.

    what should i do?

  30. Special Database Object Cannot be Found

    This error can drive you nuts. So much so that I actually remembered the solution when it occurred again 2 years later.

    The "Special Object" it is looking for is NOT the profile document as someone suggested; in fact it is the Default View.

    If you have no View designated as the "default view when database opens" you will get this error at some point, propably when you try to save a document.

    Anthony Galligani

      • avatar
      • Matt
      • Tue 4 Apr 2006

      Re: Special Database Object Cannot be Found

      As Anthony said above error is often that no Default View for the database is specified, but in my case it was because no default form for the database was specified.

      So check that you have a default view and a default form set for the database, before trying other possibilities

  31. need help for error in domino

    I'm sorry for making trouble for you .But i really need your help . During the working ,i need to translate all the error messages in domino.As i found your resource on http://www.codestore.net/errors/ which it's really splendid,it's really an easy way for me to display all the error and give a much correct answer to the error. could you send the error.nsf to me? Thank you very much for reading this letter! friend from the china

    • avatar
    • syaz
    • Mon 28 Jul 2008


    can i know about 'Error 403:Forbidden'

  32. hello all,

    i am geting the error when the database is replicating.

    Error :-

    Unable to store document in BRUSPLNA101/DATA/CCE IS\security requests.nsf (NoteID = 13381274) from IS\security requests.nsf (NoteID = 12075762): Field is too large (32K) or View's column & selection formulas are too large

    Partially replicated BRUSPLNA101/DATA/CCE IS\security requests.nsf (due to previously reported error)

    could any one please help me on this issue. please.

      • avatar
      • cillian
      • Thu 2 Feb 2012

      from memory, you get this error if you have >32k in a notes field that is marked as a summary in one of your documents.

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