Creating response documents in the browser

In the Notes client when we create a child/response document that inherits its values from the current document, it is easily achieved, simply by selecting the form property "Formulas inherit values from selected document".

However, in the browser this will only seem to work if the new document is created from an @Compose hotspot that Domino has created itself. If you create a link to the new form manually, so that you have more control over it, then you need to add a little more information to the URL that you use so that Domino knows which document it is to inherit from.

Place the formula below into a Computed Text area that you are going to use as the link to create the new document.

"<a href=\"/" + path + "/idea?OpenForm&ParentUNID=" + @Text(@DocumentUniqueID) + "\">Create a new idea</a>"

It is the ParentUNID parameter from the Query String portion of the URL that tells domino which document it is that the form should inherit its values from. This method is useful as you now have full control over the link that is produced so you can use JavaScript or you can pass further Query String arguments to the new form as well.


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