Organising the Windows Desktop with Fences

Continuing on from yesterday's perfect desk posting, let's look at perfecting the desktop shall we. I've always used my Windows desktop as my main storage area for either what I'm working on at the time as well as long-term project's folders, downloaded files and read-later links/reminders.

Generally there's about 40 icons on there at any one time and I try to keep them organised in such a way that I can quickly find what I want. However, every now and then, explorer.exe will crash and the whole order of icons will get randomized, which is very annoying. There must be a better way!

Well, below is a screengrab of my desktop now and it's much, much better. Notice the arrangement of the icons!


They're "fenced" in to little organisational pens using a product called Fences, which is the latest addition to my can't-live-without-it list of software.

Here's a close up:


My desktop is so much more useful now that I know more-or-less exactly where things are going to be when I need them. Couple this with the new 27" monitor and the fact I can run my apps at a large enough size without having to maximize them and I think I may well have hit upon the perfect functional desktop.


Anyway, give Fences a try. It's free for the basic version and only $20 for the paid version which adds a few nice features.


  1. Been using Fences for years. Love it. You can even define which icons should be hidden/shown when you double click the desktop (or use escape). Also no more issues with 'moved' icons after being connected to a projector, with lower resolution.

    Very cool little app.

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      • Jake Howlett
      • Thu 5 Apr 2012 05:38 AM

      Yeah, I like how it remembers Fence sizes between screen. I switch twice a day between a 27" monitor (via a dock) and the laptop's own 15" display, so that's an invaluable feature.

      My only request of Stardock is that they have it remember the icon size when transitioning too. I use large icon setting on monitor and "classic" on the laptop and have to switch manually. I Tweeted them the request, so will wait to see what happens.

  2. Dude, I almost mentioned Fences to you the other day when you were talking about your desktop.

    I love Fences too, especially running multiple monitors!

  3. Wow - nice. Thanks! Works for XP too! (yep. corporate desktop purgatory).

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