Google Mail Move Complete

What I saw of Google Apps for Domains was just too tempting and all codestore.net and rockalldesign.com mail now routes there.

There were to parts to making this change. First was to have Prominic update the MX records on the name servers so any email sent externally to either domain goes straight to Google's mail servers.

Secondly I needed to make sure any mail sent by this server to me was no longer sent to my Mail File and was instead sent to Google.

To do this I added my rockalldesign.com address to the forwarding address field in my Person document, as below:


This didn't work though. Mail from this server ended up in mail.box as dead mail as the "Maximum forwarding loop limit was reached". This was strange as the above change is supposed to work.

After many, many attempts at different combinations of mail settings in my Person document and many server reboots I finally worked out what the problem was.

It stems from the Domain document, which you can see in my NAB below:


Inside this document, under the Conversions tab is a field called "Alternate Internet domain aliases".


The field listed rockalldesign.com as an alias to the global Domain's internet domain (codestore.net). So, I guess it assumed that mail intended for @rockalldesign.com should route internally. Hence the loop.

I removed the Rockall internet domain from this Domain document and all is now fine. Just in case you ever come across this problem. Took me hours to work this out!

All that's left now is to migrate 10 years' worth of email to Google. For me this will be a painstaking task of drag-drop between Thunderbird accounts inboxes. As the new inbox is IMAP-based it then creates new copies on my desk and syncs to the web version too. It seems Google doesn't like you to send too much at once though, so I'll have to do it month by month...


  1. Drag and drop? Surely you have better things to do, or is that the Windows way of doing the task? ;-)

    Seriously, this is a case for automating. IIRC you currently have Thunderbird mail files, which are in mbox format. Use your favorite search engine to look for "mbox to imap".

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      • Jake Howlett
      • Fri 24 Sep 2010 05:29 AM

      Many better things to do ;-)

      Maybe I'm wrong, but I'd assumed that converting a Mbox file on my drive to IMAP format won't then initiate a sync with the related Gmail account to which the Thunderbird account is linked?

      By doing it manually it's forcing a sync with google, so I have a "backup" off my disk.

      It's one of the cases where the time taken to find a better solution would probably take just as long...

  2. You don't "convert to IMAP format". mbox is a format. IMAP is a protocol. What these tools do is: read mbox, take each message, and upload it via IMAP to an IMAP server (in your case Gmail). You can specify into which IMAP folder messages go, etc. Might be a bit finicky to get it going, but anything is better than wobbly drag & drop. (Oops, I dropped too soon; disconnected during drop -- which messages were synced?; have I dragged that or not?; etc. You get the point. :-)

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      • Jake Howlett
      • Fri 24 Sep 2010 05:42 AM

      Aha. Makes sense.

      I think I might be too far in to the drag-drop process now to go back. I've already copied over about 4 years worth of email. I'd have to delete it all to switch to using your (better) approach.

      Thanks for the advice though!

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    • Lee
    • Fri 24 Sep 2010 06:21 AM

    Do you have all your mail stored in a Notes mail file on a Domino server somewhere?

    If yes, then this could help migrate all your data up:




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      • Jake Howlett
      • Fri 24 Sep 2010 07:44 AM

      I'd looked at that as an option, but decided against it.

      Because I've used Thunderbird for so long the Sent Items folder in my Notes db is "empty". Doing it the way I'm doing it I get to sync my sent messages too. And it keeps all the starred items from Thunderbird (which stars them in gmail!!) and it keeps all my flags on messages too.

      I'm doing it the hard way but the end result will be worth it.

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  3. It's a while ago that I went through the same process, but I seem to remember giving gmail POP3 access to my mail and it just churned away in the background copying everything across. It took around 24 hours but was pretty painless from my point of view.

    This is always assuming you can just mark everything as read when it comes across.

    1. That's the way to go if you want to migrate your mail data to Gmail.

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    • Luke
    • Fri 24 Sep 2010 03:21 PM

    Hey Jake,

    I've been reading your blog for a while, back when I was an "all in" Domino guy. As the market and demand has shifted, our company (7,000 people) also shifted from Domino to Google Apps.

    You won't be disappointed. The web UI is actually really great, even for non-technical people after a while. It is an efficient tool, with advantages of "any where, any device" access.

    We're now looking to shift our Domino apps to something other than Domino, and we're looking into .Net and Salesforce Force.com closely. Also, Google Apps Script provides some basic scripting capabilities, that coupled with simple Java Apps on Google App Engine, might help us out a bit.

    Anyway, I hope your journey to Google also helps you continue down the "multiple platform" development journey you've already started!

  4. Hi Jack, I just found this: Maybe it can help you


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