You've Got To Love The Lotus Community

Remember about a month ago I asked for help from a Lotus COM API guru on behalf of a customer of mine?

At the time I thought it was a long shot but I just got word that the problem has been solved thanks to the generosity and knowledge of David "Dragon" Cotterill.

I've seen the email thread between the two parties and (although it goes way beyond my knowledge levels -- lots of talk of "semaphores") I can see it took a lot of David's time digging about in NSD files to resolve.

You'd expect David to have charged for this, as he'd be right to do so. I know I probably would. Instead though he wants nothing more than for me to be able to blog about it here. His intention being that it's good advertising for myself - if people think they can come to me for help with any problem whatsoever - no matter how obscure - it could mean more income for me in the long term.

It's heart-warming to know there are such generous people out there and that they're here in the Lotus/codestore community.

Now, my job is to convince David to accept at least a small token of my customer's appreciation (drink Scotch David?), as I know they're frustrated that they can't do at least something.


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    • Dragon Cotterill
    • Mon 20 Sep 2010 11:12 AM

    Aww, gee, shucks. *makes coy patterns in the carpet with his toes*

    This all started right here. Jake's site gets most (if not all) of the Domino community reading it. Helping one, is helping all. I've had help in the past from other members, this is my payment back. Glad to have been of service.

  1. Hi Jake - I agree that the Lotus community is amazing! Seems like both you and Dragon would be great candidates for the Lotus Technical Information and Education community. We're focused on connecting people for the purpose of sharing technical knowledge about Lotus products, and improving technical documentation. Here's a link to a blog entry where I explain how to join. Sorry, no images will display unless you're logged into Lotus Greenhouse, but the instructions should display fine. Hope you'll join us! :-)


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    • Aaron Hardin
    • Wed 20 Oct 2010 11:18 PM

    For he first time ever, I heard a Lotus Notes commercial on the radio today. It was a small radio station so if it got played on it then IBM must be doing a little marketing.

    Just thought this was too cool!

  2. Delayed response, but totally agree ...

    The Lotus community really IS something special.

    I had one of those "what the hell is happening here and can anyone help" issues back a month or two ago - was getting a bunch of phantom fields in a Domino database when viewed in a browser. I posted about it, and then Tweeted about my post.

    Ended up being all but buried in solutions.

    And, best part, turns out it was a bug in 8.5.2 - I wasn't crazy after all.

    But, back to the point - there truly is a community here ... bless 'em!

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