Photos Of My New Lenovo ThinkPad T400

As requested (by one person) here are some photos of the new Lenovo T400 laptop (next to the IBM T42 it's replacing):


Notice the smaller form-factor. All very well but then you get a great ugly battery sticking out the back. It also means the screen isn't as tall. So I now have 1440*900 instead of 1400*1050, which I'd prefer to still have.


As you can see it's different but similar too. Familiar enough for it not to seem like a change though.

Here it is when docked. 


My major peeve at the moment is with the docking station. While the laptop running undocked is so quiet you'd think it were turned off the docking station uses a great big fan for no obvious reason and it sounds like an old tower-style PC is sat on the desk. I'm trying to learn to live with it.

So far I love it, but would really like a quiet docking station (thinking of disconnecting the fan!) and a larger form factor/hidden battery.


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    • Palmi
    • Thu 24 Sep 2009 04:05 AM

    this is mine - does not have a fan. http://di1.shopping.com/images1/pi/d5/06/50/27958481-149x149-0-0_IBM+IBM+TP+ESSENTIAL+PORT+REPLICATOR.jpg

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    • Jake Howlett
    • Thu 24 Sep 2009 04:17 AM

    Hi Palmi. I considered that one, but went for my "advanced" one as it had lots of USB cables, an inbuilt card reader and a spare ultrabay slot (can move DVD from laptop to it and have a spare HDD in laptop - or put a backup HDD drive in dock).

    Chances are I won't use any of that though, so I may well sell this one and get one like yours if I can't learn to live with the noise.

    Does yours have the button to press to tell the laptop to initiate the undocking, which you have to press before you can release it? I like this as it seems to tell the laptop to switch display/network settings.

  1. I have the same dock as Palmi for my W500. Yes there is an undock button. Also loads (well 4) USB ports on the back.

    Incidently, the W500 has a screen res of 1920x1200. Though it doesn't have the fancy fingerprint scanner for instant unlocking of the machine, forcing you to type. :/

  2. I recently got issued with a W700. It is a great machine but heavy. Fortuning though I don't have to carry it about. The whole think pad range looks pretty good at the moment especially the X series ones. It is just a pity that all the docking stuff I have is for dell latitudes :)

  3. Funny I have the same T42/T400 pair. Good to know about the docking station issues as I haven't gone there yet.

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