Many-to-Many Document Relationships With Notes -- Demo

As promised I've put a demo online of the code I was talking about the other day, which lets you organise child documents under multiple parents and at multiple levels.

Before I talk about the code I wanted to let you loose on it, so you could give it a good bashing. See if you can find a hole in the logic.

To setup your own hierarchy first create a team with no parent. Then create a team that has that team as its parent. Etc etc. To edit any team you'll need to login as Dext User/ROCKALL using the login link (top right).

The interface for adding parent teams isn't great, but it works for now. There are a few other bugs with it, depending on what browser you're using. Let me know what you make of the concept though and I'll work on making it fit for download.


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    • Palmi
    • Thu 29 May 2008 07:26 AM

    Very usefull - it looks better in Firefox then in IE. Is it the CSS ?. Good job Jake . as always.

  1. Cool Jake. That's been one of the biggest challenges for me for some reason. Getting one's mind around many to many relationships in the first place, and then trying to understand how that might play with Notes definitely requires some "outside the box" thinking. Well done!

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Written by Jake Howlett on Thu 29 May 2008

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