Eating Your Own Dogfood

What's that saying? Something like "learning to eat your own dogfood". It means that you should practice what you preach, which is something I'm reminded of this morning.

A bug had been troubling me for a while now whereby the submit button for a custom (non-Domino) "nested" form was not displaying in IE. It would magically appear if you re-sized the page but not if you then pressed refresh. It just didn't render when the page first displayed. After trying various CSS hacks I decided to look for the root cause is the HTML.

The problem turned out to be a familiar one. What I'd done was close the Domino form inside a DIV that was opened after the Domino form was opened. Something I warned against just over a year ago. The problem being that, in the year that followed, I'd forgotten my own advice and broken the cardinal rule:

Never, never, never close the Domino form inside subsequent DIVs. Always, always, always close Domino's form at the very top of the actual Form in designer.

There you go. You've been told. Twice. Maybe you got it first time round. Hopefully I'll get it this time and save myself hours of messing about in the future.


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    • Val
    • Mon 12 May 2008 09:17 AM

    Drinking Your Own Champagne...

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Written by Jake Howlett on Mon 12 May 2008

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