Settling in to New Office

My plan was to be in the new office by the end of April. I was a day late in the end, moving in last Thursday.

Although I've only been in here one working day so far I'm already seeing the benefits. Mainly the peace and quiet. All I can hear is the tweeting of birds and (with the window open) the trickle of the brook at the back of the building. Gone are the cries of Felix and the clatter of the washing machine. Worth every penny. All 600,000 of them!

There's still some work to do before it's finished and I'm waiting on the new furniture I've ordered before I can post a photo of the finished room. For now I'm just going to shut up about it and try and get back to posting more regularly about the techy goodnees you're used to.


  1. Techy Goodnees? Is that a new Bond-girl? I'm afraid you can't beat Pussy Galore...

  2. Jake,

    Very glad to hear you're in your new place; I'm sure it's great! Can't way to see the pics, as I'm a big home improvement junkie and love this kind of thing. I've not written as often as I should (I think this is my second time ever, the first being when you were remodeling your hallway) but just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you and your blog. I read it daily first thing in the morning when I come into the office. Please accept my late congrats on the award you won from Lotusphere; you certainly deserve it.

    Enjoy the new office.


  3. Wishing you all the best on moving to a new office.

    We can now expect cracker stuffs from you more frequently now.

  4. Ok Jake, its been long enough... We need some photos of the new digs!

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Written by Jake Howlett on Tue 6 May 2008

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