Happy Birthday Son

Like clockwork Felix awoke at 5am this morning. Which just happens to be the time he woke a year ago today and decided he'd had enough of living in mummy's belly. Yep, it's his 1st birthday today.

It goes without saying that it's flown by. Life does and I don't like to dwell on that too much. What the anniversary of his birth brings home is just how much he's changed over the course of a single year. Remember the photo I posted on the day he was born? Well we tried to re-create the shot today and here they both are for comparison.

It should be obvious in the lower that he's being physically re-strained in order to keep him there long enough to take the photo and he's none too happy about it. That's the difference. Gone is the helplessly delicate little thing that slept all the time and was all but immobile. In its place a solid little ball of energy who only ever keeps still if it's to feed.

The fact that he's such a handful is made all the more worrying by the fact there's another on the way and due late June. Daddy's hoping it will be a girl this time.


  1. Happy Birthday Felix! And congratulations to Mum and Dad for Felix and for the one to come.

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    • Caroline
    • Wed 12 Dec 2007 08:20 AM


  2. Happy Birthday and Mery Christmas Felix.... Congratulations Jake and mom....

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    • Voytek Wicinski
    • Wed 12 Dec 2007 08:54 AM

    Happy Birthday Felix, and Congratulations Karen and Jake :-).

  3. Congratulations Jake and Happy Birthday Felix

  4. Woo-hoo! Happy Birthday, Felix! And congrats to the family on the soon-to-be new addition (I'll bet Felix's big sister is hoping for a girl as well. :-)

  5. Congrats all around at the Howlett household! Happy Birthday, Felix! :-)

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    • Jerry Carter
    • Wed 12 Dec 2007 12:51 PM

    I may have warned you... they are habit forming. :-)

    Happy birthday to the (presently) littlest Howlett.

    Girl indeed... I have two... presently wishing a boy were on the way but the wife will have no more of that. ;-)

    • avatar
    • Jake Howlett
    • Wed 12 Dec 2007 02:36 PM

    Something tells me we will get another boy. I'm not sure of the stats but I'm sure there are more families with same sex siblings than with a mix. Just on this street alone (not counting us, as there's different parentage) there are three families with children. Each family has two and both are of the same sex. Not just the street either - it's almost everybody I can think of. I am one of three boys. Karen is one of three girls. I could go on...

    • avatar
    • YiMing
    • Wed 12 Dec 2007 07:55 PM

    A late congratulations, Happy birthday, Felix!

    I have a daughter and she's nearly 3 years old, now she can speak everything that she had heard, i'm very happy about that.

    My daughter's blog:


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    • Bruce
    • Wed 12 Dec 2007 08:31 PM

    Happy birthday Felix. My two had their birthday on the 10th (and no, they aren't twins). Neither of them keep still even to feed.

  6. Jake, you know how to strike out of the blue. Good, I couldn't see my own face when approaching the last paragraph. Happy birthday and congratulations to the respective addressees.

    And btw: Two of those. Both girls, to back up your statistical examinations.

    • avatar
    • Jef
    • Thu 13 Dec 2007 02:54 AM

    And to completely screw up your statistics: I've got one of each, our neighbours have 2 of each and across the road a 50/50 spread is the most prevalent one as well ;-)

    Congratulations & HB Felix.

  7. Thats always the way with applications (ne databases). They start out small and simple, easy to manage.

    Then scope creep sets in. They become larger, more unweildy. They start developing bad habits. Trying to keep them under control consumes a greater amount of time and money. They require larger hardware. And when more of them start appearing, they start fighting over system resources, consuming even more time and space (not to mention more money). They only way to solve the issue is when they get too big is migrating them away from the home server. But even then there may well be some embedded system calls back to the home servers which you just never manage to get rid of.

    Oh, sorry. Were we talking kids or databases here? Same difference I guess.

    • avatar
    • Harkpabst Melianatrop
    • Thu 13 Dec 2007 09:37 AM

    Jef, are you living close to a nuclear power plant? ;-P

    Honestly, I can probably name just as many examples pro as con Jake's special theory of evolution.

    • avatar
    • Jerry Carter
    • Thu 13 Dec 2007 09:49 AM

    LOL! Quite true, Dragon.

    I think there is something to your Stats Jake. I think it has to do with frequency in some regards from what I have seen. Lots of larger families I know have a mix - but the sexes seem to follow the same patterns: kids born within a couple years of each other often seem to come out the same color (pink or blue). Separate them by more than that and it changes (from my own non-scientific analysis). My daughters are 18 months apart. Felix and baby Howlett will be about the same... good odds on a boy I'd say. :-) What's the spread on Jakes Dads boys?

    Either way - thank God you have Karen AND Quinn around. One toddler is fun, but two or more is serious work!

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    • Jake Howlett
    • Thu 13 Dec 2007 10:09 AM

    "What's the spread on Jakes Dads boys?"

    Four years between oldest and youngest and I'm about in the middle. So two years either way.

  8. Congratulations Jake on the expected birth of another child.

    Felix looks very happy.

    You and Karen must be very proud (and happy).

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