Notes 8 Logo as a Screensaver

For ages now, whenever I've seen the Windows default screensaver (logo appears in random places on screen for a couple of seconds) on my screen, I've been reminding myself to see how easy it is to replace it with Rockall's logo. Each time I'd just forget. Until last week when I did some Googling and found Any Logo Screensaver, which does exactly what it says on the tin.

Now I have a lovely Pink-on-black version of the Rockall logo as my screensaver, which alternates between random placement and bouncing about the screen. This is it.

Anyway, to get my money's worth (it cost a tenner) I thought I'd create a version that uses the Notes 8 logo and post it here for you guys to use. Get yourself the Notes logo bouncing off the side of your monitor!

Although I've noticed no evil side effects of the software I used to create this I can't guarantee there's no malware as part of it, although I'm confident there isn't. If you're in any doubt don't download either .SCR files in this post as I can't accept responsibility for them!

If you've got any ideas for other screensavers you'd like to see (based on simple image/logo) let me know and I might just post them here.


  1. Very cool (and duly installed). It's also quite nice that they allow a fully-functional trial ...and kudos to you for support their development by purchasing a license.


    • avatar
    • Jake Howlett
    • Mon 15 Oct 2007 02:29 PM

    I would have been tempted not to if it weren't for the nag/prompt every time you came out of screensaver mode. Probably would have felt guilty though and bought it in the end.


  2. if you're realy in need of a screensaver this might help: {Link}

  3. thanks for such cool stuff.

    i m always in search of such things.

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Written by Jake Howlett on Mon 15 Oct 2007

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