Web 2.0 Layouts In Domino

Remember early last year I talked about using XUL to create an application-like interfaces for a Domino web view?

Ultimately this was all just a bit of fun. Being Firefox-only kind of made it unrealistic to ever expect to use it in the real world. Hence I never got any further than that demo and posting links to what some of you guys did.

Since then I've not really thought about trying to create client-like interfaces on the web. Until last week that is, when I saw Jack Slocum's latest YUI addon - BorderLayout. For examples see his entry called Exploring Cross-browser Web 2.0 Layouts with Yahoo! UI.

The example which caught my eye was this one. How cool does that look!? And it's cross-browser too!

If you're anything like me then seeing this demo gets you thinking as to how you can port existing applications over to using this layout method. Well, I've started work on a simple example of Jack's code working in a Domino database — navigator, View, Preview Pane, document properties etc. It's not quite there yet, but, once it is, I'll post it here for download.


  1. Sure is impressive stuff - I do like the Yahoo UI layout you link to. For someone like me who is a hopeless UI designer but can code these frameworks are a blessing!

  2. I honed in on that layout too. I have a little project I'll release soon that uses that layout. Jack makes it dead easy.

  3. I do wish I could see what you UI designers see when you look at such a site. I guess I don't have the imagination to see anything particularly interesting at the link you supply, but I hope to see what you generate at the end, because then it will likely become clear. Sigh. I am jealous of UI designers (and I am not being sarcastic), as a mixture of color blindness and sheer lack of UI sense makes me woefully unable to tell what people will like and what they will not. Ah well, enough moaning. Have at it, folks, and I will stick to rich text and ODF and other backend formats that don't require visual appreciation.

  4. Excellent news..

    And while you are on it why not do a comparison Yahoo UI -> Dojo UI?

    :-) stw

  5. I am SO going to use this right away. It's too bad that more people don't try and convince their departments to start using Firefox because of the ease of XUL programming...

  6. Hm. Seems to be broken with FF 2.0? at least here. Firebug throws a bunch of errors about Yahoo being undefined.

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