The software I take everywhere. Updated.

Here's an updated list of the tools I can't live without as a Domino web developer (in a kind of non-strict order of importance, ranging from can't-manage-without to nice-to-have):

Does too much to describe it all here. If you haven't got it already you really should. You can inspect/modify the live DOM as well as see all Ajax request/responses as they happen, plus lots more.
IE Developer Toolbar
The IE equivalent of Firebug. Has fewer features but is no less useful. Again, if you don't have it already, you really should get it.
There are a load of HTTP packet sniffers out there, but is by far my favourite. Sniffers let you see all traffic between browser and server. Useful to see any 404s returned or looking at content-types of pages etc. Latest release has a floating window which makes it even nicer to use.
Web Developer Extension
Installed on my Firefox browser, although not used as often as I should like to. The one thing I do rely on it for it examining JavaScript errors.
Parallels Workstation For Mac
Although not software my Mac Mini is an invaluable part of my web toolkit. Mainly it's used for testing in Safari, but ,since I bought Parallels, I've been doing a whole load of testing on the Mac. Using Parallels I have direct access to IE7 betas, IE5 on Windows 2000, IE4 on Windows 98, Firefox on Ubuntu etc etc. If you take web development seriously you need to be able to test through a whole range of browser setups.
This is the Notes document's propery box on steriods. How I lived without this I do not know. One of the tools I seem to use every day and find a new use for each time I do. I still plan to write more about how it can be a life saver...
All web developers need a powerful text editor. TextPad is nice in that it adds "Open in TextPad" to Explorer when you right click any file. Very useful.
Image viewing software. As a web developer we're often called on to be graphic designers too. Even if you don't have to create the images you still have to manage them. ACDSee suits my needs for this.
When you are called on to create images there's often no need to dive in at the deep end and launch Photoshop. Photoshop is overkill for most web graphics and not half as easy to learn and use as Fireworks. Fireworks was designed to create web graphics and is an easy way to do so. Personally, I've never got on with Photoshop at all. Although I use it for photo manipulation I wouldn't dream of creating graphics in it.
Wonderful CSS editing tool.
Keeping up with web development trends requires an endless amount of time spent reading blogs. This would be near impossible without a feed reader. FeedDemon is my favourite.
Smart Capture
Nice little utility to take screen grabs on Windows.
For whenever I need to upload files via FTP.

Any I missed?


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    • Brian Miller
    • Wed 11 Oct 2006 08:53 AM

    Personally, I prefer PSPad as my text editor. ({Link} It includes a real "Swiss Army Knife" full of mini-utilities that I'd have to download seperately if they weren't included here. Plus, the "universal" syntax highlighting is very helpful. Oh, and it's free.

    End of endorsement. :)

  1. Like Brian, I use PSPad, it's great!. And, for graphics i use Irfanview. It's free and has a lot of features and plugins.


  2. I use XnView for all of my image management. It too is also free. It's more like ACDSee ( I used to use that) and seems to be more robust than Irfanview. I found it while looking for a portable image management tool to go alongside Nomad.

    Check it out.

  3. There are times when I have agents that run fine in dev but not in production. I use ExamDiff to compare the code in each copy side-by-side to see if there's anything different.

    Also useful for any other text comparisons needed. It's a freeware utility that duplicates the functionality of WinDiff (which comes with Visual Studio.)


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    • Jono
    • Wed 11 Oct 2006 11:28 AM

    ActionOutline (Quick + easy to use note maker/ideas/to do list etc)

    Teamstudio Configurator (Search/Replace for Domino DB's)

    Both great tools.

  4. Cool thing about Textpad is the extendable Tools menu. I used to use it and added the commandline call to javac so it served as a rudimentary IDE till I got more interested in Eclipse (and eclipse got better). I now prefer EditPlus2 for my text editing for the following features:

    - search for string in open files

    - search for string in closed files in folder (and sub folders)

    - find and replace against all open files

    - button bar for each open file.

    Eclipse 3 - too many power plug-ins these days not to have a working setup handy. Javascript, c#, Ruby...

    If you like scanEZ, Jake, you should try out actionBarEZ. Any time I have more than a couple of action bars to configure, this thing saves stupid amounts of time and errors.

    #develop - free .net IDE that does everything the full (not express) version of Visual Studio does - or at least as much of the later as I need in the former. Really handy for playing with COM or cranking out a quick .dll or VB GUI app.

    • avatar
    • Jake Howlett
    • Wed 11 Oct 2006 12:16 PM

    How could I have forgotten ActionOutline!? Been relying on this for years now and still love it.

  5. Almost forgot Team Studio DELTA - and as Jono, Configurator. Not the cheapest in the lot, but worth it when you need them. Though scanEZ has reduced my need for Configurator, even avoids the irritating modal operation Configurator has.

    Also - Thumbs Plus from Cerious software. Bought the first 32 bit release (v 4.11?) years ago and it still does everything I need for managing image resources (like making watermarks).

    Also forgot All API Guide - handy when you need to know if it might be possible to do something with COM - comes with sample code fro VB and .NET.

    • avatar
    • YoGi
    • Wed 11 Oct 2006 01:10 PM

    I'm using DDSearch instead of Teamstudio Configurator.

    Not as good, but free.

  6. HTMLValidator extension {Link}

    and of course you'll add Nomad aka "Lotus notes on a stick" from the 7.0.2 client release!

    • avatar
    • Tom Breuker
    • Wed 11 Oct 2006 04:06 PM

    For text editing: crimson editor {Link}

    • avatar
    • Jono
    • Wed 11 Oct 2006 04:16 PM

    Forgot about ActionBarEZ Jerry! Can save a lot of time (for notes client based db's anyway as I dunno about you but I don't use action bars on the web!).

    p.s does anyone know - has all development now stopped on ActionOutline? Seems there aint been a new version for ages...

    • avatar
    • Dale
    • Wed 11 Oct 2006 04:45 PM

    WinMerge on SourceForge is better than ExamDiff (and is free too)


  7. Pixie, for those "what the hell is that colour, i cant be bothered to screen shot every 10 seconds and paste in fireworks momments"

    and its free


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    • Fee
    • Mon 16 Oct 2006 10:23 AM

    Just as an extra to TextPad, have you tried UltraEdit? It's similar, but seems to have many more features; on of my favourites is the ability work in 'column' mode.

    It's not expensive and you can customise it to recognise the code you writ in the languages you want to use. And you can try for free first.

    I'm not related to the guys who write/sell/market it in any way, it's just something I could not imagine being without.

    www.ultraedit.com I suspect...

  8. I would also add CutePDF writer for producing documentation

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    • Alan Faubel
    • Mon 23 Oct 2006 06:12 AM

    Aptana. A good JavaScript and CSS editor (and much more, but I'm only using a bit of it). It's also a good introduction to using Eclipse.

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