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July was the UK's hottest month ever. Toward the end I was thinking we should try for a refund on our Greek package holiday, booked for next week. Who needs to fly away when it's this hot at home!?

Well, I'm glad, strange as it may seem, to report the heat wave is now over. While I enjoyed the heat and lazing around in the inflatable pool I found I was completely un-productive. Although I managed some DIY I found it almost impossible to sit in the office and concentrate. It doesn't help that the girls are on their six week break either!

You probably noticed the lack of blog entries. This too was due to the heat. Us Brits just can't take it you know. Well, I'm back now. Although they're predicting another period of heat this month I'm back in the office full time now. Just thought I'd let you know things will now return to normal.


  1. But I thought you had moved your office. {Link} (^_^)

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    • Jake Howlett
    • Tue 1 Aug 2006 06:37 AM

    Good point Dragon. Even down there it was just too damn hot.

  2. 8:30AM in Buffalo and it is already 89F, shooting towards 97+. I'll be lucky if I find the extra energy to turn on the sprinklers.

  3. I got out at 6:30 AM for a run here in Central Ohio and it was already 78F. Took a while to adjust to the 80 or 90% humidity having slept from 11PM to 2AM in air conditioned comfort. ;)

    I am questioning the wisdom of central air at this point though. Our electric bill for July is going to be through the roof, I'm sure, and having it 42% humidity inside and 90% outside makes for some sinus issues coming and going each day... I have a bit of a summer cold now as a result. I was better though while running in the moderate heat this morning.

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    • Mike
    • Tue 1 Aug 2006 09:30 AM

    We just had central air installed in early June and I am considering it the best investment I've ever made. Our house would be UBEARABLE in this East Coast heat wave.

  4. As a Brit abroad in Vienna Austria, where the summer temperature gets to around +40 degrees Celsius (104F). Melting is a word often spoken here. Try soaking your feet in a bowl of cool water, it helps me to keep cool. Sorry Jake, hope the weather stays nice, our son is getting married at the beginning of September and we are making the trip back.

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    • Lance Jurgensen
    • Tue 1 Aug 2006 11:55 AM

    I was watching my Yahoo weather widget yesterday here in the US Midwest. It was 88F at 8AM and steadily rose to 102F by 1PM. Strangley enough, that was not the record for the day, that had been set at 103F 50+ years ago. So much for global warming, this is simply a natural cycle the earth is going through...

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    • Richard
    • Tue 1 Aug 2006 10:46 PM

    Gets over 32C in UK and they declare a national emegency and they start dropping like flies!!

    That's a balmy summer's day in Sydney. Get's a bit uncomfortable as it heads to 36+C

    At present it's a CHILLY 17C here. LOL

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    • Anura
    • Tue 1 Aug 2006 10:52 PM

    17C and those poor Sydney-siders are suffering. Try Canberra days of 11C max, down to -4C overnight and then tell me how hard life is!

    Your post reminded me of our last trip to the UK in 1996 - must have been another heatwave. We've had the 'sun smart' message drummed into us from birth, so on an absolute stinker of a day we all had hats on, covered from head to foot in sunscreen, fully clothed - only to be confronted by locals stripping down to the bearest of clothes who clearly hadn't seen the sun for a bit. We had the last laugh as there were a few bright red bellies by evening.

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    • Reva
    • Tue 1 Aug 2006 11:53 PM

    I visit your blog very frequently. But since last one month was not able to as I was busy in settling in my new job. But then I think I have not missed too much :)

    How hot is too hot for you people?

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    • Ruchi
    • Wed 2 Aug 2006 05:57 AM

    Check out the heat in Doha, Qatar, where I live : 42C today and humidity rising to 57% this week.


    The heat, I can take .......... It's the humidity that's unbearable

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    • Michael
    • Wed 2 Aug 2006 07:46 AM

    As a Canadian creature of extremes, 31C is just fine. I'll take it super hot and cold. My motto.... -40 to +40C and anything in between.

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    • Dave W
    • Wed 2 Aug 2006 09:02 AM

    Well here in on the west coast of Norway, our current temp of 24c (75F) constitutes "sweltering". But then we have 280 days a year of rain and need to enjoy any good weather we can.

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    • Richard
    • Wed 2 Aug 2006 10:57 PM

    Anura I encountered the same in a trip to the UK in 1992. Heatwave (28C) conditions and the declaration of a drought!!

    All the Aussies had hats and sunscreen on.

    The Brits looked like lobsters after sunning themselves in the parks during their lunchbreak - lol

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    • David
    • Mon 7 Aug 2006 07:40 AM

    @Mike - ever wondered what effect air conditioning has on the temperature outside? Not to mention considering the extra pollution generated running the system and contributing to global warming.

  5. The temperature was 28 °C (82 °F), with a dew-point at 23 °C (73 °F). The temperature felt like 31 °C (87 °F). The atmospheric pressure was 1017 hPa (30.02 inHg). The relative humidity was 74.3%

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