Mac Mini For Sale

The door bell rang yesterday and I let out an uncharacteristic "yay", as I knew it was a delivery and it was my new Mac mini.

Didn't I buy a Mac mini this time last year though? Yep! However, this one is an Intel Core Duo model, which makes a big difference! Different enough to warrant the couple of hundred pounds it will cost me to switch. More on that tomorrow.

As with my first mini I upgraded the RAM myself. Although Apple have dropped the price of RAM upgrades to a reasonable level it was still £3 cheaper to buy my 2GB* from Crucial, although that's not the reason why! I ordered from Crucial as they consistently deliver the next working day. Apple want 3 working days to make any modifications. So, I saved three quid, got it three days earlier and have 512MB of RAM to spare/sell.

Now I have a spare Mac mini for sale. Anybody want to buy it? Get your first taste of what all the fuss is about, while being able to test sites in Safari etc. A legitimate expense for any self-respecting web developer and easily explained to the other half.

Comes with a 40GB hard drive and a writeable CD-ROM, although there's no wireless or Bluetooth installed. It's a basic machine and ideal for somebody curious about the other side.

How much do I want? Any sensible offer considered (in the region of £250). I'll throw in free shipping.

* Yes, two gigs. All will come clear tomorrow.


  1. How many games are included? Is it world-wide free shipping? ;)

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    • Mike
    • Wed 21 Jun 2006 09:10 AM


    How long before you install Parallels workstation and rid yourself of a Windows desktop forever?

  2. Not a bad deal. It was this same Mac Mini, Jake's first, that inspired me to purchase mine. If you've been toiling away with an older PC tower, fans running constantly, noisy and hot, a Mac Mini is a dream come true. And, aside from running the Domino Client, you can do all your web dev on a nice little quiet box.

    Support Codestore! Buy Jake's Mini!

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    • Jake Howlett
    • Wed 21 Jun 2006 09:44 AM

    Andrei. None and no.

    Mike. See tomorrow.

    Jerry. Looks like I've got a buyer but thanks for the support ;o)

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