World Cup. No, not that one!

The other day I was lamenting the huge choice of JavaScript libraries and wondering which might be best. Today I noticed a link to the The JavaScript Library World Cup, which pitches them all against each other to find the best.

Note: this will be the only time I mention any World Cup here. While I will be watching it, enjoying it and hoping England go all the way I've just had enough of it being everywhere. Weeks before it began I'd already had enough of it. Not just the corporate greedies that latched on to it but the St. George's flag everywhere. Not sure if any other country is suffering this, but in England all chavs and idiots are driving round with the national flag flying outside all their car windows. It's ridiculous.

I've never really like the St. George's cross as a flag, for various reasons. Whereas the Union Jack instils a certain amount of national pride in me the cross of St. George does nothing at all. I'll be glad when it's all over and the flags go away.


  1. Australia qualified for the World Cup for the first time in 32 years, and then went on to beat Japan 3-1 in their opening match. So now suddenly everyone is a Socceroos supporter. Fair enough really :) We have a chance of getting through to the next round!

    My other team, Poland, on the other hand...

    Sorry if you were expecting Javascript comments and not Football World Cup comments :)

  2. I was surprised that they played so heavily to the bells and whistles of each library and not to other important things like maturity, sustainability, and the importance of documentation (they mentioned docs, but made it seem like a tertiary concern).

    The next project for my team is a .NET2 based front end for a Documentum system, and so far we are leaning more towards the YUI libraries more than the others just for the excellent documentation, and the maturity. It may not have all the fanciness of the Dojo, but I have not found something that does not work, only to find the docs "To be completed"

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    • Steve
    • Thu 15 Jun 2006 02:39 AM

    Union Jack....Surely you mean Union Flag? Unless of course you are on a boat!

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    • Jake Howlett
    • Thu 15 Jun 2006 03:23 AM

    I am Steve. Aren't you?

  3. @Steve,

    Somebody has been watching too much Dr. Who. (^_^)

    (actually it makes for far more interesting viewing than the footie)

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    • Lee
    • Thu 15 Jun 2006 05:10 AM


    With regards to your comment:

    "..in England all chavs and idiots are driving round with the national flag flying outside all their car windows. It's ridiculous."

    I would be interested to hear an explanation on this summation as I think its extremely harsh! I know lots of people who have decided to put the flag of St George on their car or on their house to show their support for the national team. None of whom are chavs or idiots.

    I really don't see a problem with people showing a little patriotism when the World Cup comes around. There aren't many (if any) events which unite the nation in the same way as the World Cup so therfore lots of people like to make an effort to show their support, why is that such a problem?

    Also, you say that you don't particularly like the flag of St George (which has, incidentally, been the flag of England since 1278) and you prefer the Union Jack. That's your opinion so fair enough. Personally I think that criticising people for flying this flag in support of their country is, as I said, a bit harsh.

    Also, bear in mind that people are supporting England (St George's Cross), not Great Britain (Union Jack) in the World Cup hence the use of that particular flag.


    In response to your article, I personally prefer to use prototype along with the scriptaculous libs. I am also currently looking at using some aspects of Rico, I particularly like the look of <a href="http://openrico.org/rico/livegrid.page"> their live grid data table</a>.

    Keep up the good work.


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    • Steve
    • Thu 15 Jun 2006 05:33 AM

    Was reference made to the Union Flag on Doctor Who then? I Don't watch it...

    ...can't be a proper techie then I guess

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    • Adam G
    • Thu 15 Jun 2006 05:41 AM

    hmmm the union flag is a horrible flag. it just comes across as tacky and touristy. it instils no national pride in me, cos I am English, not British.

    Fly the flag of St George with pride.

    but not on your car. it makes you look like a pikey.

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    • Sandra Noronha
    • Thu 15 Jun 2006 06:24 AM

    Here in Portugal the World Cup fever attacked loooong before it started. Portuguese flags all over: house/building windows, cars, gas stations, supermarkets and you cannot buy a newspaper without getting one as a bonus!!

    And all the national tv channels and radio stations have a hymn of their own and are constantly speaking about what will happen... It's really really irritating.

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    • Jake Howlett
    • Thu 15 Jun 2006 06:24 AM

    Lee. I didn't say anybody flying the flag on their car is a chav or an idiot. I said all the chavs and idiots are flying the flags. There's a subtle difference that was unintended but I'll use it in my favour now to pretend I haven't just called all your mates chavs ;o)

    It would be nice to think this had anything to do with patriotism, but I don't think it does. It's verging on mass hysteria. What's going to happen when we (let's face it, inevitably) get knocked out? Will it be like Take That splitting with special hotlines set up to help people deal with it?!

    I remember all the World Cups since Mexico '86 and have never seen it used as such an excuse for faux-patriotism, especially by the corporates. Have you seen that Mars bars are now called "Believe". Call me a grumpy old man, but I've had enough of it.

    I'm not really a massive football fan or that bothered about watching sport in general (I prefer the doing). I like football as much as I like cricket or rugby - nice to watch on special occasions like this. And let's face it the World Cup is an amazing event. It's been spoilt this time round though. I'm starting to agree with Karen who can't wait for England to get knocked out. At least then the 9' flag my next door neighbour's flying might come down. Right now it looks like I live next door to a neo-Nazi...

    • avatar
    • Michael
    • Thu 15 Jun 2006 08:25 AM

    Hey grumpy old man.... put those red stripes on your website here and hang your own virtual flag _OR_ go all Austin Powers and get out your own union colours.

    Nice footwork in the first paragraph to your reply to Lee. Maybe you should be in there instead of Rooney. =:P

    • avatar
    • Pele
    • Thu 15 Jun 2006 08:34 AM

    I went to a fight and a soccer game broke out.

  4. World Cup? Did the US play in that? ;-)

    (trick question)

    I'm keen to see how Jeff's Documentum + YUI libs works out. Sounds like a needed facelift for Documentum, which runs horribly slow (in our environment anyway) (and you didn't hear that from me).

    Dustin Diaz, btw, who has put a lot of work into the Yahoo tools, is pretty darn smart when it comes to this stuff, and while I know he is naturally biased by employment, his endorsement is having some sway on how I am viewing their toolset at this point.

    • avatar
    • Sam
    • Thu 15 Jun 2006 05:22 PM

    Jake: I don't think it's quite so inevitable that your team will get knocked out. They've been impressive so far, esp. Beckham and Crouch, although we're not even in the Round of 16 yet. But still.

    And if you're sick of hearing about the World Cup, come on over to the U.S. I promise you won't hear a word about it. ;) Although you'll have to put up with the commericalism times ten once the Super Bowl rolls around...

  5. Lee

    Leo (29) the youngest of my three sons is a bricklayer with an ALL WHITE Ford van, no flags as such but it's had a 'make over' with a role of 4" wide RED tape aplied to each side the bonnet and the rear doors with 'ENGLAND' cut out of all the horizontal red strips (sorry no pic) it rearly looks fantstic!!!!!!!!


    Jake might claim that as Rockall (the island) is British so the cross of St George would be out of place.


    the match to look out for (IF!!! it were to happen) IRAN v USA

    the grudge match to end all grudge matches

    Jake's dad

  6. Well France has done poorly so far but well I tried to make a pronostic site in php , it took one afternoon to make it , we're in second week but you can still bet on games , check my website if interested , well making it I wondered about how we could produce an image in lotusscript hmm no gd there well if you got an idea I take it

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