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Finally I got round to publishing a new article. It started out as a blog entry last week and grew to the point where it felt too long. The article itself is a long rambling way of describing a very simple idea.

For those of you adverse to reading such lengthy tomes here's the gist of it. Add the following PassThru HTML to your form:

<input type="hidden" name="JavaScript" value="Off" />

In your WQS LotusScript you can then test whether the browser posting the form supports JavaScript or not. Like so:

If vWebDocument.JavaScript(0)="" Then 'script enabled

For a full explanation read the article. For most of you though I'm sure it all makes sense.

Note: The following function does not achieve the same ends:


This merely tells you whether the browser actually supports scripting and can't tell you whether the user has disabled it or not.


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    • YoGi
    • Wed 22 Feb 2006 03:46 AM

    great tip ! thx to share.

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