Four Things

I don't know where this originated, but I saw a few people making lists yesterday. At first I was going to ignore it then Sean McKendall tagged me, so here goes:

Four jobs I’ve had:

  1. Fence maker
  2. Garden centre attendant
  3. Landscape Gardener
  4. Electrical Engineer

Four movies I can watch over and over:

  1. Zoolander
  2. Zoolander
  3. Dumb and Dumber
  4. Zoolander

Four places I have lived:

  1. Brighton
  2. Ipswich
  3. Hastings
  4. Manchester

Four television shows I love to watch:

  1. Nighty Night
  2. Peep Show
  3. Midsomer Murders
  4. Father Ted

Four places I have been on vacation holiday:

  1. France
  2. Spain
  3. Italy
  4. Greece

Four of my favoUrite dishes:

  1. Canneloni
  2. Curry
  3. Fish, Chips 'n' Mushy Peas
  4. Karen's Lasagne

Four websites I visit daily:

  1. Google
  2. BBC
  3. kottke.org
  4. boingboing.net

Four places I would rather be right now:

  1. In the countryside
  2. On my bike (goes with #1)
  3. In a spa
  4. In a nice pub with mates

So, there you go, 32 things you didn't really want to know.


  1. Wot no bloggers you have tagged? Or does the trail end here?

    • avatar
    • Jake
    • Fri 27 Jan 2006 06:15 AM

    Liam. It's like those pen letter things - "pass on to ten people or your dog will die" kind of thing - I'm just not in to it.

    About your website. What gives? Why does it resize my browser to full screen (I hate that!) when clicking on "enter" merely opens a small popup?! Why!? Why the music? Why the impossible to use navigation in Flash?! Nothing social about that.

  2. A liking for Dumb and Dumber is a simple litmus test for true intelligence (a liking for Office Space is the backup).

    BTW, you've never had my lasagna ;)

    • avatar
    • Lee
    • Fri 27 Jan 2006 06:20 AM

    Oi.... I tagged you too ;)

  3. Know what you mean about the chain letter stuff....

    As for the website, yea, it does kinda suck - on my list of things to do something about this year.....

    And I can't even claim any "credit" for it as I bought it as a template.

    But I'm more stuck in Notes client stuff - hence my interest in understanding web development that you cover so well.

    Keep up the good work..

  4. Liam, your site is not so bad...You have to try very hard to click a link because the spots where you have to click on are fleeing from my cursor...

  5. I never get meme tagged, mostly because I'm still rubbish at blogging. But I asked my 6 year old for his answers:

    jobs: 1. Putting my own shoes on. 2. Eating all my dinner up. 3. Doing my homework. 4 Tidying my toys away.

    movies: 1. The Goonies. 2. The Philosopher's Stone. 3. The Chamber of Secrets. 4. Ice Age

    places lived/stayed: 1. Whiston Hospital 2. Whiston. 3. Knowsley village. 4. Beddau (South Wales).

    tv shows: 1. Raven. 2. Takeshi's Castle. 3. Scooby Doo. 4. Adverts!

    holidays: 1. Barmouth. 2. Kefalos. 3. Shell Island. 4. Aberdaron

    food: 1. pizza. 2. Yorkshire pudding. 3. Sweet corn. 4. cola bottles.

    websites (not daily): 1. {Link} 2. {Link} 3. www.zedzdead.net. 4. ??

    places: 1. Beavers. 2. Out on my bike. 3. At any of my cousins houses. 4. Wacky Warehouse

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    • Benoit
    • Fri 27 Jan 2006 02:56 PM

    Something must be wrong in your dishes list...

    There's no Guiness !

    Thank you, Jake, for all thoses articles. They helped so much in my projects. - A reader from france

  6. Holy crap. A meme just attacked codestore.

    • avatar
    • Luke
    • Sun 29 Jan 2006 12:13 AM

    I've read this blog for over a year (great stuff Jake, I look forward to the new year's articles), and I have to comment on this one... I am in complete agreement with you on Zoolander. I guess it is one of those movies you either hate or you love, because all my friends hate it, and I love it.

    Anyway, Jake, I give you props for that choice film. It is quality.

    As for your TV shows... I haven't heard of any of them...

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