A Couple of Books

Here are a couple of books I'm working my way through at the moment and feel like recommending:

Web Redesign: Workflow That Works

This is less to do with web development and more to do with project management - something I trying to get to grips with at the moment. Worth the read if you're like me and struggling to handle scope creep and knowing your deliverables from your milestones.
Constructing Accessible Web Sites

Everything you ever wanted to know about the whys and hows of creating accessible websites.

The second book is thanks to an anonymous reader who bought it me from my wishlist. Thanks, whoever you are.


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    • Keiser
    • Tue 29 Nov 2005 08:11 AM

    Gosh! Amazon's wishlists *do* really work !

  1. Since when do you get time to read? (^_^)

    I thought you were a slave to the keyboard (like me!).

    I mean, how else do you keep up with everything going on in the Domino world?

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