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Luckily the weather held off on Wednesday and we had a great day walking this route. We didn't see a single person after leaving the Pennine Way. Most of the walk is away from the footpaths marked on the map and invokes out Right to Roam.

The Peak District is really handy for us as it's not much more than an hour away. It's not the best walking in Britain but it's good enough for me. It's close and it's remote enough to provide a getaway from it all. One of the few remaining places where you can't get mobile phone coverage. God forbid, one day you will be able to.

We managed to find the plane wreck I mentioned. A very eery place. It's only about a mile from the Snake Pass, but it feels like it's in the middle of nowhere. There's photos of what we found in this gallery.

The weather yesterday was truly awful so we decided to come home early. We'd had a skinful in the hotel after the first day, sat chatting with the "local people" until late. To nurse our hangovers we went to see The 40 Year Old Virgin, which sounds rubbish but is in fact hilarious.

Anyway. Back to work.


  1. Gorgeous pic, Jake. Glad to see your photographic eye hasn't suffered from lack of use. ;-)

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    • sean
    • Fri 3 Oct 2008 02:45 AM

    You can see plenty of other crash sites in the peak district (and elsewhere) on our website at Link



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Written by Jake Howlett on Fri 16 Sep 2005

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