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Allow me to be a little big-headed for once. I think that, for a Notes person, I am pretty good when it comes to graphic design. I can get so far in a project by creating my own graphics and like to think I have an eye for what looks good.

That said, there's no way I could cut it as a graphic designer. There comes a time when it's best to hand over responsibilty to the professionals.

Whether I decide to do this depends on the size and budget of a project. I've started suggesting to clients two options:

  1. Save some money by having me do all graphic design.
  2. Spend a little extra money and get it done professionally.

The benefits of getting it done properly are massive. In my eyes the appearance of a site is now almost as important as what it actually does and how well it does it.

What do you guys do/think about this approach?

On a recent intranet project I directed the client to Hicks Design (famed for creating Firefox livery), who created a simple, fresh logo that I would have struggled to create.

The trouble with Hicks Design is his availabilty, which puts him out of the frame until the latter part of the year. Good new for him but leaves me hunting for a decent designer to work with.

Firewheel Design looks good but they seem expensive.

Does anybody know of a really good graphic design outfit who are availible and reasonably priced?


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    • Jon
    • Fri 1 Jul 2005 05:14

    Try iansonjones.co.uk, I've worked with them in the past.

  1. Agreed, appearance is now a top priority. Heck... It's actually my number one problem. You would think that IBM could help us out a little, by either changing the default web appearances or providing some contemporary design templates. A graphics.nsf file filled with stock icons, backgrounds and css is on my wish list. I had started to create one that I was going to give away, but copyright concerns made me think twice. That said, I'm finding the stock Gnome icons look much better that the Notes view and action icons.

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    • Val
    • Fri 1 Jul 2005 05:28


    Have a look at SimpleBits or Stopdesign.



    You also might find a designer at {Link}

  2. A few of the other Notes/Domino sites have used this company for their logos. My guess is they have to be affordable if the logos are for personal blogs.


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    • Jon
    • Fri 1 Jul 2005 07:24

    Or you could try {Link} he's based in Nottingham.

  3. One of my customers had a good experience with {Link} [LogoBee], out of Canada. You can see the logo they created on the website I designed for my cst. (with much help from Mark Barton) here...


  4. {Link} gives me some good ideas. Takes a little time to merge the html into my Domino apps, but you can't beat the price or the variety imho.

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    • Carl
    • Fri 1 Jul 2005 21:52

    Hi Jake,

    I've used a guy here in Perth, Trevor Hutchison and find him quite responsive. He takes a different angle on design and focuses on what is being communicated through the graphics, layout, etc.

    With the UK/AUD exchange rate, you should be in good financial company as well.

    I ventured down this part abou 6 months ago and haven't looked back. I started out by testing a few designers on smaller jobs. A logo, a one pager/brochure site, those sorts of thing. That gave me a good feel for each designer and how they worked. Was a painless way to start contracting out.



  5. I use www.boxedart.com I also like to do the design, but never have the time or the starting idea. This is a great place to start and is inexpensive. From a template at this site I can make a site this professional looking and I can customize it to be somewhat unique.

  6. Try the link for 'website' i have included, used to work as a graphic designer for a notes company but now works for a printing company.

    He's a good guy.

  7. Jake,

    Not really for publication - remember the wife of a guy you used to work with at Eastern? She produced some great graphics for the trading intranet.

    Bon chance, mon vieux.

  8. I like to use the templates from: {Link}

    I find a template I like, then modify it to suit using Macromedia Fireworks. I usually take the single layered template and create many smaller graphical components that I import into Designer.

  9. Jake,

    This guy is a designer who often seems to be able to communicate in ways others just can't - {Link}

    (oh come on! We've all been there.)


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