Monkeying With LDD

Early Monday morning. With bleary eyes and a cup of tea I am reading through all the Domino blogs I subscribe to, wondering what my addition to the "blogosphere" might be today. Then I find Julian's LDDMonkey post (updated) and I'm so blown away I knew I had to talk about it.

Remember I talked about GreaseMonkey recently? What I failed to do was illustrate how great it is by way of any useful examples. Julian's script really is useful. Personally, I don't spend as much time at the forums as I used to, but, whenever I do, having this script running will make it a lot more productive. Hopefully it will open the flood-gates for more ideas. How about inserting a form in there so we can reply without opening another page?

So this post is just a link to another Domino blogger' post? Well, yeah. I know it looks lazy, but I just want to make sure as many of you as possible get to see this. I assume that there are people who read this site who don't read that site (and vice-versa).

That's one chore out of the way for today. Thanks Julian ;o)


  1. Yep, pretty cool script Julian threw together in his spare time (don't know quite how he does that). But have you ever wished for similar comments behavior on Julian's blog? Heh.

    I can't remember if your comments allow links or not, but here's an url to a Greasemonkey script I wrote (wrote is a pretty strong word - I stole 90% of the code from Julian, and quite cheerfully pointed it out in the comments) to put the nsftools.com comments inline below the post:


    Of course, having written that, it occurred to me that my own blog (and other BlogSphere blogs) might benefit from the same treatment. One could pretty easily write scripts to handle the different Domino blog templates. Steve's Dx system allows inline comments, but some people choose to use the pop-ups anyway - Greasemonkey could fix that...

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    • Jake Howlett
    • Mon 18 Apr 2005 17:18

    Julian's comments don't work for me, as I read his site in FeedDemon's embedded IE browser. For some reason they won't load at all (Julian?).

    Your script didn't work initially and I had to add a trailing * to your include URL pattern, so that it included URLs with #s in, like so:


  2. Thanks Jake! I appreciate the link/trackback/whatever it's called. I really hope it gets other people writing that sort of thing. If we can get a few relevant examples in front of people, I think they'll start to "get" it.

    Regarding loading my site in FeedDemon... hmm, I'm not sure what to make of that. I'll try to take a look, but that may end up in the "unsolved mysteries" file.

    Rob: very nice. See comments I left on your site.


    - Julian

  3. Jake,

    Nice catch. Thanks for pointing it out. I've patched the download link appropriately, and updated the blog posting about same to point out your detective work. Thanks for trying it out.

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