Forgotten What V5 Looked Like?

I meant to post this link yesterday but forgot. Before I did all the updating I made a copy of CodeStore Version 5 and placed it in the archive.

Maybe it's better posted today anyway. Now that you've had a day to get used to the new design. Switch back to the old one and see which you prefer. I'm in little doubt that this is a vast improvement.

Thanks for all your feedback so far. Seems we'd missed a few bugs and I'd mis-calculated how badly you'd all take to the new font size. Well, I gave in on that and decreased it a smidge, while increasing the line-height a tad.


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    • Brandon
    • Fri 18 Feb 2005 08:51

    I like the change you made to the font sizes on the page. Keep it just the way it is now!

    Nice work on the redesign!


  1. Hi jake,

    Love the new look.

    The thing that amazes me is how you fit all your tasks into your day.

    What I mean by that is. You must work (to make money) around 8 hours per day, you are working on your house, you probably are still riding your bike AND you run codestore (maintaining it updating your blogs etc.) How do you do it?

    ANyway congrats on the new design.. I like it!


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    • Jake
    • Fri 18 Feb 2005 09:38

    I'd love to share my secret Allen, but I don't have the time.

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    • carleen
    • Fri 18 Feb 2005 10:28

    I love your new site...seems easier to move around. The Sandbox section is great...I feel like a kid in a candy store.

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    • Jorge
    • Fri 18 Feb 2005 12:10

    Great job on the updates! IMHO one of your goals with this version was to make things easier to find. I think you you met that goal.

    Also, the feedback view is nice, since it will probably encourage more people to actively respond to comments made about older content. In the previous version, your users would have to go back to an article or blog.

    Keep up the good work.

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    • Allen G
    • Fri 18 Feb 2005 16:55

    > I'd love to share my secret Allen, but I >don't have the time


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    • Michael
    • Sun 20 Feb 2005 23:31


    Just a few comments on the colours or lack thereof:

    1. The text in the 'Elsewhere' section almost appears unreadable with the font being lightened as it is. It takes away from the efforts you've made to make the site more usable IMHO.

    2. The 'barely there' line for the window's vertical scroll bar border is practically useless. I would recommend darkening it slightly.

    3. I like the coloured icons on the homepage. Why aren't the icons consistently coloured across the site?

    After looking at the site for a few days, I'll concede the site width reduction 'under protest' :) but the colour reduction is a bit much too much to ask. I have a nice large lcd display to render your site in all its minimalist glory. Please leave a little more colour in there for folks like myself.

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    • Srinivas
    • Mon 21 Feb 2005 04:49

    Just the small one. When I click the More links from the archive for ElseWhere the window title says Sandbox | CodeStore.

    Instead Elsewhere | CodeStore would be more appropriate I suppose.

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    • Michael
    • Mon 21 Feb 2005 10:53

    I see the site evolving on a day by day basis. Thanks for the scroll bar change, looks much better.

    Just a thought on your navigation bar. If the search field is always visible, wouldn't it be more intuitive to have an 'advanced search' button or something similar beside it? That way your grouping the functionality in one location. Another is the home nav link with the house icon. The codestore logo is always visible so couldn't you put the house icon beside it for those who want to go to the homepage and that would negate the need for a 'Home' navlink.

    I also noticed that the tab-ordering for the navlinks occurs from right to left. Can this be changed so it goes left to right? Sorry if I'm being picky but you asked for comments/suggestions.

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    • Michael
    • Mon 21 Feb 2005 11:00

    The Alt + 1 shortcut for the homepage is not working for me (IE 6.0).

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    • Jake
    • Mon 21 Feb 2005 12:26

    Michael. Good point about the colours in the elsewhere section. I'll address that. Not sure what you mean by the scroll bar, as I've not touched it.

    The access key probably does work. In IE Alt+1 merely focuses on the link. You need to press enter to actually follow it.

    Srinivas. Thanks. Fixed it now.

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    • Lee
    • Tue 22 Feb 2005 06:37

    Hi Jake,

    Congratulations on the excellent re-design. I'm only sorry I couldn't give you more feedback earlier, but a sudden change of job has taken up all my time!

    Anyway, the new site is excellent so well done.

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