w.bloggar Updated to Version 4

There's a restaurant in London where the menu has no prices. You pay what you think the meal was worth. Apparently it works well and it's rare for people to abuse the system.

I am writing this blog - as I do with all my other entries - in w.bloggar. I've been doing this since June last year.

w.bloggar is freeware but you're invited (non-invasively) to donate and become a "premium user". As I am a premium user I get to be the beta tester for new releases. The current release is v3 but I am writing this in v4 beta 1. Version 3 had a few of the problems you're likely to get with any one-man-band software but version 4 has ironed most of them out and is now a really powerful way of blogging.With some features still waiting for beta 2 I am excited.

Now, I now 95% of my readers aren't bloggers, but, if you are, you should give this nice little application a trial run. It works with the DomBlog API, that I believe is included with the popular BlogSphere template.


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    • Nobby Numnuts
    • Wed 14 Jul 2004 05:50

    No price on the menu? If something doesn't have a price on its free.. Now where is this free eating establishment?

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    • ursus
    • Wed 14 Jul 2004 07:35


    Jake, could you please let us know where this resturant is as I would like to go bye the next time I am in London ;o)

    Keep up the good work


    ps: will obviously pay for the meal ;o)

  1. Funny : no one cares about this blogger soft, but really about the restaurant ! that 's a good point for the futur of blog at least,

    but may be it means people don't want to bother with dedicated softs just to blog,

    I use some Web editing blogs, and it's nice because I can update my blog anywhere with any PC.




    PS : where in London is this restaurant ? is the answer on your blog ..

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    • Jake
    • Wed 14 Jul 2004 09:07

    Maybe it's urban myth. Maybe the business-model didn't hold out. Can't find it on Google. Don't know the name I just "know" it was in North London, somewhere near my old haunt of Swiss Cottage.

  2. The restaurant address and some reviews can be found just round the corner....

    here {Link}

    Ah.. my coat!

  3. Jake,

    Is there going to be a WSIWYG interface for w.bloggar RC 2? This is my dearest hope.

    If anyone is interested in the further development of the DomBlog API which is currently at version 1.3. I have a status page which indicates what Blog APIs it supports and which Domino blogging templates it can be integrated with.


    Not had much time to test it further due to work but some of the additional features is to update fields in the back end notes document by use of tags in the content and support for multiple logins and multiple blogs.

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    • Jake
    • Wed 14 Jul 2004 11:26

    I really hope rc2 has wysiwyg too!

    Thanks for keeping the API going John. You can probably tell my DomBlog efforts are over. Not enough time in the day. My time is better spent giving people what they want. As I said, 95% of my readers (maybe more) couldn't care less about blogs or blogging.

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    • Chris
    • Wed 14 Jul 2004 22:48

    I just created a new domblog database for a friend whose newborn baby is having surgery.


    I set him up with w.bloggar so that he can update the site himself. I think it's a great tool and can't wait for the upgrade. One feature I really like is the image upload. I hope the next version will let you resize and upload on the fly. Resizing pictures is the last thorn in my side when it comes to blogging.

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    • Watski
    • Thu 15 Jul 2004 04:32 PM

    Never mind fiddling about with wbloggar. Wheres my template?

  4. How do you get your hands on version 4 of wbloggar? Is it by donation only? I would love to give it a go with WordPress.

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