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With two days to go I've just managed to squeeze in June's article for my one-a-month promise. It's about server-side data validation and it's something I talked about last month before deciding to make an article of it. Here's the article anyway. Enjoy it! It took a good few hours out of my weekend to get it written!!

This article every month thing is really going to become testing over the next two or three months. Mainly down to the fact that I am moving house on the 30th of July. Forgive me if I don't quite make it on a few occasions...


  1. Great work again, Jake. I know I'm not alone in enjoying reading how you adapt your Domino experience in new situations.

    I've always thought browser-side validation was suspect, but I never extended that line of thinking to its logical conclusion (as I haven't needed to yet) -- now you've done all the hard work, I can sit back and go "Yeah, that's right!".

    Thanks again.

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    • Allen
    • Tue 29 Jun 2004 03:58 AM

    Excellent Article Jake!

    I do have an application that captures customer information or sale leads. Its a web form that a customer would fill in. There are manditory fields on it and I used Javascript for validation. I thought it was a good idea to use Javascript as the previous system was that the $$return field would take you to a page that would tell you that some of the manditory fields were missing. It would not tell you which one etc. You would then have to push back on the browser (shudders).. But this your article shows a great alternative...


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