A Barcelona Birthday

Barcelona is a really, really nice city. It's a shame we were only there for two days, as there's so much we didn't get chance to do. Thanks to all of you who suggested things to do. I had an amazing birthday (my first in another country!). The thing that surprised me most was how warm it was. I was expecting it to be warmer but not to be walking round in a t-shirt and sitting outside bars at night.

As with all the trips I go on, I've brought back a fair amount of photos. There's the usual stack of landmarks and stuff. Also, what I tried for the first time, was to be a little adventurous with the camera. Inspired by Mike's revived interest in photography I've been pointing the camera at things other than famous landmarks. I've also turned off the flash and the "auto" mode. I'm quite pleased with some of the results. I've started a photoblog to house them all. Comments welcomed, good or bad.

Fruit stall in a market

Not only did Karen treat me to the weekend as a present but she made the special effort to make sure I had something to actually unwrap this morning: this book. If I needed more inspiration, it's in there!


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    • Rukhsana
    • Wed 1 Dec 2004 00:51

    Happy Birthday , Jake ! Glad you had a good one.

  1. Some nice pic's, Jake. Holy cow... Rukhsana had to remind me... Happy Birthday! Glad it was such a sucess, photographically and otherwise. That cathedral is amazing.

    Keep up the picture taking... you'll be able to retire from programming. ;-)

    Those extended exposure photos are tricky. Digital cameras seem to make them much easier to take, as far as exposure goes. You might considr picking up a simple tripod (or even a monopod) at some point in time... really handy for the long exposure shots where you only want the moving subject blurred.

  2. I need to fiddly around with my non-automatic settings more - hell, I just need to take some photos first :)

    The exposure question got me wondering as well when I read the manual - if I have a long exposure what stops my hand shaking making the whole thing a blurred image?

    Or does it take quite a bit of movement to blur it?

  3. Delicious pictures Jake - very delicious indeed! Hmmm, time to get a more pocketable digicam!

  4. Well, I took the automatic settings off and played with some shots in the relative darkness tonight and, I got, darkness.

    Mmmm :)

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