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Borrowed image from ActsOfVolitionWe've all seen, used and grown to love the Google Toolbar by now I should imagine. Well, now there's the Google Deskbar!

You now have access to Google searches whenever you need them, whether you have your browser running or not. You can simply assign a keyboard shortcut to the deskbar and go from there. You're not limited to Google searches either. You can add your own, just as I did with Mozilla last year. Here's the Deskbar in action. Notice the addition of the CodeStore search option:

Google Deskbar

To add codestore, or any other search engine you like, open the "Options..." command from the menu and "Add" a new "Customized Search". In the bottom box enter the partial URL used for searching and replace the query parameter with {1}. So, for codestore, you enter the URL


Like so:

Google Deskbar Options


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    • tange
    • Tue 11 Nov 2003 04:02

    Is the poppy representing remberence day?

    • avatar
    • Jake
    • Tue 11 Nov 2003 04:09


  1. Tweak UI for Windows XP has a search prefixes option that allows quick and customizable searches from the address area. You could type "g codestore" to search Google for this site. You have to be in IE to use it, but it doesn't clutter up other areas.

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    • Jerry Carter
    • Tue 11 Nov 2003 09:29

    Ever since I heard Google was tracking how many searches users perform in a day, secretly (unless you do a LOT of searches, then apparently you get to see the number on the Google page) I might add, I've been extremely suspect of any software add-ins they offer.

    The tool bar for IE, for example, takes up something on the order of 8 MB of memory. What huh? 8 MB? I shudder to think what something added to the desktop might do... probably indexing your hard drive with their proprietary search algorithms....

    • avatar
    • Jake
    • Tue 11 Nov 2003 09:56

    Jerry. Google spyware? Can't see it myself. Can you imagine the uproar and the damage to their image if this came out!? Assuming all transmissions between deskbar and Googles Ministry of Information pass through port 80 it would be easy to track and some nerd somewhere would have found it by now.

    There's an option to not allow the "labs" to see what you're searching for and I chose it.

  2. For the "spy-ware" claims, check out {Link} , scary stuff...

    I actually stopped using google for more than 6 months. Now I'm "slipping" every now and then, but the feeling is not good.

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    • mt69clp
    • Thu 11 Dec 2003 04:05

    I never thought much about it...Now I am really afraid of Google. The problem is that everybody who has the power to build a good search engine has very much knowledge in his hands. That can be used for all kind of things, the good and the evil (in real life Darth Vader would win I think)

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    • Henk
    • Thu 11 Dec 2003 08:06

    I don't understand.

    There's a cookie and an ip address associated with your search behaviour. Google can use this information in various ways, most likely to improve your search experience. But the data is not in any way connected to you as a person, so what are you afraid of exactly?

    • avatar
    • veer
    • Thu 11 Dec 2003 08:59

    cool. i like this thingy. created two new options for notes.net

    ND 4&5 Forums


    ND6 Forum


    thanks jake.

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    • Jerry Carter
    • Thu 11 Dec 2003 13:32

    I'll cop to a certain amount of alarmist over reaction... but couple my mild warriness with stories of horror from folks who try using Ad-sense... Google is an evil empire. :-P

    In all seriouseness... the only thing they get from tracking your search behavior is a profile of what on the www interests you. The only thing this is good for is marketing or targetting ads, and reporting your aboorent behavior to the federal government so that when they start cracking down on elicite hobbys, they know where to start. ! ;-)

  3. Does anyone know a solution for the mac desktop?

  4. What os work with this

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