The Clearout Continues

I forget who sent me this link originally, but it's been sat in my blog folder for yonks now. It's the Network Services Lotus Notes FAQ from California State University. Right down at the bottom is a screen-grab of the Add Sender to Address Book dialog with my name in it. Reminds me of this a little. Strange how one gets about. Yes, this is an ego-blog. So what!

Ben Hughes sent me the following screengrab from down-under. It's the Notes spell-checker having trouble with the word "database". Irony? I'm not sure...

Notes Spell Checker Dialog

More to follow. None of it much better than this though. Sorry.


  1. It's amazing how, when you start to blog, you start to look at all things you read as "potential blog material". :-)

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    • Jake
    • Sat 25 Oct 2003 11:03

    Not only the things you read but the things you do. I've tried to stop blogging about life as much. Not only is this more professional but it stops you spending your whole time thinking "Hey, I could blog this!" every time something happens in your life.... better to just get on with it.

  2. Just try getting your name to the top of the Google search list {Link} with a name like mine. Yes, Jake's top with his name too, but all he'd have to do would be to knock up a frontpage document with a name like that and it'd end up top ;0)

  3. Oh, that's assuredly irony, but damned if I don't have that Alanis Morrisette song stuck in my head now.

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