And finally, the first of some PHP articles

How long have I been going on about PHP for now? Long enough for me to actually deliver something! Apart from a half-finished migration of this site that is ;o)

Well, I've kicked myself in to gear and published the first in a series of articles, called PHP for Domino Developers, Part I, MySQL . In it I have started off on a series of articles that I hope will introduce us all, as Domino Developers, to the LAMP platform. Future installments include:

  • Part II, PHP Intro
  • Part III, Forms
  • Part IV, Views
  • Part V, Authentication
  • Part VI, Searching

You may have noticed that Mike published something very similar just yesterday. There are differences though. If you are interested more by the prospect of integrating PHP with Domino then Mike's article is for you. What I won't be talking about is integration. I don't see the point. They both work well on their own. Why complicate matters? What I will be trying to do is help you in the transition from Domino developer to true web developer. Whether you're ready to leave Domino or not, it's always worth getting some exposure to other platforms. What better starting point than LAMP?

There will be a lot of articles in the series. For one reason - I am going to assume that, as a Domino developer, you know nothing about anything but Domino. Most of you will be able to skip most parts but I'm hoping the extra time it takes me will be worth it for some of you.



    Have you received my gift, Jake???

    P.D: The article is very interesting.

    I'm thinking to translate to spanish in my new web ....

    • avatar
    • Jake
    • Mon 10 Mar 2003 05:30

    Juan. Was it from the Wishlist? It may well be at my parent's house and be waiting for my visit there next weekend...

  2. Yes.

    It's the titled book "JavaScript and DHTML Cookbook" by Danny Goodman ...

    The link is :


    It's my gif for using your template ... ;-)

    • avatar
    • Jake
    • Mon 10 Mar 2003 10:34

    Thanks Juan. I had noticed on the wishlist that somebody had bought that book. No surprise when I get to open it now though. Hopefully I'll get some useful stuff from it to share with you all...

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