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Jake's CakeToday's a special day for codestore, it being its third birthday. Three whole years! Who'd have thought it? Me? Probably not. I certainly had no idea that what started out as a whimsical idea would all but take over my life.

It's actually more like three and a half years. Just like the Queen, codestore.net has two birthdays - a real one and an official one. Today's the official birthday. Marking the day that the site stopped being experimental and turned in to something a bit more useful. A few days later I wrote the first article and mail slowly started to arrive. One year later and it was still going. Another year after that and it's still going and with a new publishing medium. Yet another year gone and we're still here. Where's that you might well wonder? Well, I'm not sure. There's no hiding the fact that the site has changed over the years. Whether or not it's for the better is irrelevant today. It's still here and that all that really matters.

Over the last 365 days I've blogged 201 times and you guys have responded 2093 times. What's not quite so positive is the fact that I've only written five articles. Plans are to rectify this when I get the chance. Whether I will manage to, remains to be seen. However, the articles that are already there are still relevant and have had 548 responses in the last year, showing that they remain a resource for Domino developers out there.

Looking to the future is hard. I'm not going about to make any big promises. The only promise I will make is that I will still be here in a year's time and hopefully three. That is, if you guys promise you will be too. Now for some party fun. Who can claim to be, or prove to be, the all time longest reader? I can use the comments to articles or my mail file for reference if need be...


  1. Dear Jake,

    Congratulations! Been with you for over 2 years now. Blogging is like having a relationship: starting it is easy, maintaining it takes energy, but gives gratification in the end.

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    • Jaap
    • Tue 9 Sep 2003 04:46

    Hi Jake, never changed my homepage in the browser so stays with codestore.net untill it stops working ofcourse.

    "Gefeliciteerd" and at least 3 years to this milestone.

  2. Jake,

    Congratulations with the anniversary of CodeStore. I can honestly say that you site has been really useful over the last few years. Its my first search site for help with Domino. It puts even Notes.net to shame.

    Keep it up and I will keep my bookmark!

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    • Jaswinder Singh
    • Tue 9 Sep 2003 06:25


    Congratulations! and keep up the good work and I'll keep visiting this site till its up there and running.

  3. Jake - I'm still reading you so you can't be going wrong - your still interesting when a lot of other Domino Blogs are not (including mine) - I sometimes think you have overcooked the 'plugging' of puakma recently - but its a great platform - and you do have a vested interest and the rest of the content makes up for it - so well done: 3 years of readable content is an amazing achievement indeed.

  4. No other single resource on the web taught me more about Domino Web development than codestore did. Period.

    Add the evergrowing list of Jake's invaluable links to external sources and you get an idea why codestore still is the most important Domino site on the net for me.

    Congrats, thumbs up and best wishes for whatever the future might bring.

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    • huk
    • Tue 9 Sep 2003 08:14

    congrats jake, you're a stud! hey, how do you protect emails from spambots?

  5. huk,

    move your mouse pointer over my email address and watch the status line of your browser ...

  6. Congrats mate!

    but, Why the cake has 5 candles? :oP



  7. Congratulations Jake. It was your site that started me off blogging....(I think my wife wants a wee word with you ;-))

    Keep it going.

  8. My favourite Domino place on the web has been and still is your site Jake - for years.

    Congratulations, and keep on moving :-)

    I've been with you since around august 15 2000. Your blog is prettier now.

  9. Hippo Birdie to codestore. There, that should get you some of the google hits that I've been getting since I mentioned that phrase on my site. Australians are weird is all I can say to that (I blame the aussie's, because it was one that sent it to me in the first place). Anyway, I digress.

    Thanks for the blog, its always a pleasure to read and see what your up to, and like you, I don't get to do as much development at the moment (see my site for the reason why). I think its been about 2 years since I've been coming here, and about a year since I've had my own blog as a result of being inspired by you to actually do something with my Domino skills. So, articles or not, keep up the good work!

  10. Congratulations Jake. I always keep tabs on your site and it has helped me a number of times in the past. Well done.

  11. Happy Birthday CodeStore!!!

    And a huge THANK YOU to it's creator - I honestly don't know how long it's been since I stumbled upon the website... but you have really inspired my development and I wanted to sincerely thank you!

    As for the "lack of articles" this past year... I think anyone who runs their own site and actually cares about the content they're publishing (count me out of that one! ;-) ) can empathize; you actually have a life!!!

    Thanks again Jake!

    So.... where's that next article?!?

  12. Not only have you been a daily read for years, but your site has been an invaluable asset when 'trying to figure stuff out.'

    Like numerous others, I've been having fun with the DomBlog template, and we appreciate you for that, too.

    Best wishes, and Happy Birthday!

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    • ursus
    • Thu 9 Oct 2003 03:40

    happy new year ;o)

    keep up the good work


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    • Jono
    • Wed 10 Sep 2003 06:58

    Short but sweet - Top website. Happy 3rd Birthday. Here's to the next 3...

    Jake - Cheers, top man.

  13. Still the first site I visit every morning. Well done - keep up the good work!


  14. Only 3 years? Seems like a lifetime if you count that in internet years. Keep up the good work, Jake. You may even persuade me to convert to linux one of these days !


  15. 3 and going strong! Congrats Jake, and keep up the excellent work.

  16. Happy birthday, Jake!

    I'll hope you will be with us another three years more!

    And a lot of thanks for your work!

  17. Happy Birthday Codestore!

    And thanks for giving us something to look forward to reading, Jake.


  18. I can't prove it directly but it was 10 November 2000 when I first noted coming across your site. It wasn't a blog as we know it now of course however it helped me a great deal in coming to grips with Domino. Thanks Jake.

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    • Ndeye
    • Tue 16 Sep 2003 06:38

    Dewenati from Senegal!

    Your site helps me a lot this year dealing with web applications.

    Thanks a lot and rendez-vous next year :o)


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